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worried, blood in urine and brown spotting

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Lizzie1988 Thu 04-Feb-16 16:34:47


I am so worried and I cannot stop thinking about it, doctors cannot fit me in for a blood test until next Tuesday and mid wife is booked for the 15th Feb. On the 11th Jan I had a very light bleed which was what I thought was my period ( I haven’t had one in nearly a year after coming off the pill). I thought I had had my period and was finally back to normal. I then bled again on the 31st Jan, it started in the eve and was almost just like very dark brown discharge, not enough for a pad or anything. That has continued every day since, including today. Today when I urinate I am starting to have droplets of blood, but only when I wee, no other time (still getting very small amounts of brown discharge). I have done about 4 pregnancy tests now and they have all come back positive! I have had some mild cramps, these have been most prominent today, but nothing too harsh. I have also felt very tired but not sure if I am just making myself tired through worry.

Does this sound like a chemical pregnancy or a miscarriage or not to anyone. I haven’t had lots of blood loss or clots or anything to that effect just the brown discharge and the red blood when I urinate.

A clearblue test shows me at 1-2 weeks but I am not sure how accurate that is as I haven’t had a proper period in months, and it would surely be too early for the bleed on the 11th Jan to have been a period if I am pregnant now?

Thank you x

Heirhelp Thu 04-Feb-16 17:18:43

Is the blood definitely when you wee? If yes that sounds like a bad UTI and you need a doctors appointment ASAP.

As for a miscarriage or chemical pregnancy it is just too early to tell. I have previously had a miscarriage and I had some bleeding in this pregnancy. It is horrible but the only thing you can do for that is wait. The amount of hormone levels needed for a positive pregnancy test are very low so doing a pregnancy test at this point won't help you find out if it is a miscarriage.

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