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Any tips to help pass the time...

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becksmumtobe Thu 04-Feb-16 09:30:50

Hi everyone,

I've only just joined here as I could do with some ladies to talk to!

I'm currently expecting my second little one and I am about 12 weeks. With my first I had a few complications and a few early scans etc but this time everything is going really well (fingers crossed). I found out on the 12th December that I was pregnant, didn't have my midwife appointment til 22nd January and have my dating scan booked for next Thursday, so have had quite a wait in between each thing.

So basically I wondered if anyone had any tips to pass the time between everything?! I'm finding all the waiting really hard, it seems nothing is really happening! Only a select few people know as I want to wait til I've had the scan.

One of the few people that know is my friend and work colleague, however she is not a baby person and switches off when I try to talk about it!! Looking for some ladies to talk to so at least I can share baby things with!!

Sorry its a little long!


Everythinggettingbigger Thu 04-Feb-16 12:01:35

sorry cant really help, I've found that's its flying over, I found at 4 weeks and I'm now 24+2!

To be honest I was so tired when I was getting home from work and sorting my DS out that I would just sit on the couch and go to bed then start again the next day. I am trying now to hold off for a few weeks before we start decorating babys room etc., or im going to be going out my mind on mat leave I think blush I don't finish for another 12 weeks though. I was like that until about 18 weeks and then it was Christmas so that really helped.

I have a pregnancy diary that I like to write in, and did lots of browsing in the shops at baby things. I work with mostly men so they were not interested in baby talk either.

do you have apps on your phone? Ovia and Pregnancy+ are both great.

It's so exciting isn't it! I've got OCD and I am super organised so I have everything I need now but its so hard not to start packing my bags etc already, ive got a while to go yet!

becksmumtobe Thu 04-Feb-16 12:43:13

Hi, It's not so much at the night times as like yourself my DD and DP keeps me entertained and on my toes! It's more the week days that seem to be dragging and get me overthinking!

I work with mostly men to (the only women are me and my friend) but I think even some of them would be more interested than she is lol! I'm not that close to my sister and don't have a big circle of girl friends so missing that girly/baby talk..

I like the idea of a pregnancy diary, something a bit different.

I haven't heard of those apps before, I'll have a look in a bit, thank you!

I sound a little like yourself, I'm always organised and love writing lists and planning things!! Think that's another problem as at the minute there is nothing that I feel I really need to plan, just want to get the scan first so I know everything is ok blush

haha I don't know how you're managing to hold off on the decorating, I love decorating the nursery! I dont know about yourself but I'd be one of those people that pack and unpack my bags a million times!!

Everythinggettingbigger Thu 04-Feb-16 13:31:21

do you work part time?

Strangely I have found that its one of the men that's much more interested than the women grin

My friend bought me the pregnancy diary, think it was either amazon or ebay and its personalised with my name on smile

every morning when I get into I make myself a cup of tea and have a sit and read on my apps for half an hour (yes I should be working haha)

Lists are my favourite I make them for everything!! Could you make a list of the things you have, the things you would definitely need, things to get if its a boy (if you saved things from your DD and wouldn't need to buy again). Start thinking of baby names? Luckily we both agreed on one boys name from day one and that's what we are having.

I know its so hard! I didn't get to decorate for my DS either because we were living in my mums house at the time so he just shared a room with us! My bags will definitely be packed and unpacked numerous times before they are actually needed!

it really does take over every thought in your head doesn't it....hard to carry on like normal! I wonder if it would go quicker if we could?

Join yourself up to a few chat sites, cow and gate have one but its no where near as busy as mums net, and netmums etc. just join yourself in on some chats on here, I think that's what got me through the first 12 weeks....thank god for mumsnet!

becksmumtobe Thu 04-Feb-16 14:02:39

Unfortunately I work full time - 7am til 4pm, luckily the tiredness isn't as bad at the minute as I was really struggling a few weeks back to get up at 5:30!! What about yourself?

That's what I've always found to! Don't know if its because they cant imagine it themselves that's why they're so intrigued!

Haha I'm exactly the same! Always have a check on here to see whats being discussed and then every week read up on how bump is growing etc! People must think I'm really engrossed in work grin

We're quite lucky really as my partners cousin has a little one so we have been promised lots of things already! it would mainly be clothes that we need to get, I only saved a few special things from my DD so would need to get shopping whether its a boy or a girl, I cant wait to find DP wants to go for a private scan at 17 weeks to find out sooner lol, did you find out at the 20 week scan or earlier?

Last time my bags were done that many times but still I took to much! But none of the clothes really fit her (I took 0-3) so I wont be making that mistake again!! A few essential of a couple of sizes I reckon!

It's amazing how time normally passes really quick as I'm always so busy with work and DD but the clock just seems to have slowed right down. I feel better now I'm on here tho and being able to read others posts and comments.

Work maybe taking a bit of a back step now I can chat on here tho!! hmm

Everythinggettingbigger Thu 04-Feb-16 14:12:10

same, I work 40+ hours a week. but safe to say the majority of "work" I have been doing is baby related grin

Mumsnet has definitely helped me pass the time.

We did find out at 18 weeks at a private scan. It was a couple of days before Christmas and we told everyone on Christmas day as a surprise, they didn't know we had found out so that was really nice timing!

yes I definitely over packed for myself and under packed for my DS! I had 4 babygrows, vests etc, I had tiny baby and new baby sizes.....he was 6lb 11oz and tiny baby was a good fit but new baby was swimming on him! however he was a very sicky baby from the second he was born and I went through all 4 sets overnight and had him wrapped in a blanket waiting for my DP to get back with some more clothes for him. Planning on taking at least 8 sets this time shock

I know what you mean about the time, although the first 22/23 weeks has flown I definitely think the last week has slowed right down. I have a lot on from now until my due date in May so really hoping that helps it keep going quickly.

could you maybe plan some days out spaced every few weekends. if they are planned and you are looking forward to them that might help the time pass more quickly.

becksmumtobe Thu 04-Feb-16 14:32:34

Ah that was good timing to tell people you've found out! We had only told my mum and DP's mum before xmas so it was hard to keep up why I wasn't drinking or eating much! Was definitely the hardest xmas I've had lol.

I think we will book and find out earlier, plus its always nice to have that extra scan! When I had my DD it cost a lot more to have a scan so we never did but now it seems there is always good offers on groupon etc

I was told by a lot of people not to buy tiny or newborn as they were always to wrong were they!! She ended up looking lost in a baby gro til my ex bought her some new ones to the hospital! Ah bless him, I always forget about how many changes of clothes you go through!

I think that's they way forward isn't it, to have something to look forward to no matter how big or small and then sometimes the days can pass quicker! I have my DP sister round for sunday dinner this week, she invited us for dinner the other week when I wasn't feeling so good but now I'm a little better she says its our turn.. cooking for 8 people def wasn't on my list for a nice weekend hmm

Dixiechick17 Thu 04-Feb-16 15:35:26

I Kept a weekly diary of my pregnancy, with bump pictures in it and little notes to my DD, helped pass the time, and I looked forward to updating it each week. I bought it online, it was called bump to birthday journal.

Everythinggettingbigger Thu 04-Feb-16 16:18:19

does your sister in law not know you are pregnant yet? that's going to be a tough one you will be knackered!

The stuff I took was actually all marked as newborn but I think one pack of 3 had been marked wrong and is the same size as tiny baby stuff. It feels really mean putting massive babygrows on them doesn't it!

I would imagine having to keep thinking of excuses was a hard one over Christmas! I only seen my family once before we told them all and that was bad SIL was pregnant at the time too so lots of baby talk and pregnancy talk and as excited as I was I had to keep my mouth shut so I didn't slip up! my DP was working away and wanted to be there when we told them!

AliceScarlett Fri 05-Feb-16 09:08:30

The mothercare app will pass some time, I do love a wishlist smile

becksmumtobe Fri 05-Feb-16 10:39:13

Thanks for all the good ideas ladies smile

I'm loving the Ovia app, its really good and will definitely look into the bump to baby journal!

Hi everything, yes my sis in law knows now but still thinks its a good idea for us to entertain this weekend!

Haha yes I know what you mean, they look like they cant move properly and are drowning in material!!

Yes Xmas was extremely hard, I missed having a little drink with Xmas dinner but then found I didn't eat much of it as I felt sick, was quite gutted!

I'm terrible for wanting to tell people, I really want to but I want to make sure everything ok first..

Everythinggettingbigger Mon 08-Feb-16 10:15:31

not long until your scan now!

becksmumtobe Mon 08-Feb-16 11:02:07

I know, only a few days to go!! Been trying to keep busy but I've got a feeling Thursday will take ages to come lol.

I'm so excited but quite anxious as well, just hope everything is all good!!

How are you?

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