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Early pregnancy painful cramps

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mrsspeckyfoureyes Wed 03-Feb-16 20:30:11

Hi girls,

I'm just after some (hopefully) reassurance. I'm only 5 weeks pregnant (since LMP) I know i'm more like 3 realistically based on DPO. Anyway the first week I found out I was fine, no symptoms really. Then I started to notice little cramps, nothing major. Then the weekend came and I had terrible cramps. I put it down to IBS and I'm sure that some of it was IBS. However, I think now it's not just IBS. I'm getting cramps a lot - they can range from mild to extreme period type cramps, sometimes lasting 20 minutes or more. Then I can have nothing for hours. Most of this evening i've been fine.

I saw the doctor yesterday and she assured me that these cramps were unfortunately quite normal in early pregnancy and would hopefully pass after the first trimester. She tested for a UTI but I haven't got one. Anyway, today one my cramps was so bad I was tears - a combination of pain but also tiredness - I get very emotional when I'm over tired - crying is my default! - I get over tired a lot with work - I'm a teacher.

Who else has experienced cramping like this? Can you reassure me or should I seek more medical help? I must point out that there has never been any blood or spotting, not even a miniscule dot. Which is what is keeping me reassured the most.

Any advice/stories much appreciated, thank you!

IHeartKingThistle Wed 03-Feb-16 20:32:50

Mine were excruciating at around that time - I was on holiday and didn't know I was pregnant! So so painful. They stopped after a few days and I had no further problems. DD is fine. All the best for your pregnancy.

MsFiremanSam Wed 03-Feb-16 22:07:33

I'm 4+5 and I've been having cramps abd stretching type feelings too. Ultra paranoid as I was feeling sick and now I don't. This is baby no. 3 though and I'm pretty sure I had this the last two times!

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