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Anxiety in pregnancy

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Skinny9741 Wed 03-Feb-16 07:35:43

Got a faint bfp last Sunday, have taken tests on average every 2 days but with different brands, sometimes they're fainter than time before sometimes they're darker but I guess this is because I'm using different brands (ones I usually use ran out of stock so just been trying to find any just for peace of mind- not really working) I did have a blood test at doctors last week and due to go again next week to check hcg levels have gone up. How do I cope in the mean time? I'm constantly on edge I have no real reason to believe this pregnancy isn't healthy but I'm so anxious. Ive obviously found out very early and I can't go on feeling like this. How do I get through until next week when I have my next blood test done and then how do I get through until my first scan? On the one hand I'm thinking I should enjoy this time as its taken nearly a year to get to this point but on the other I'm thinking maybe I know this pregnancy won't last and it's 'mothers instincts'. No history of miscarriage, please help sad

MadrigalElectromotive Wed 03-Feb-16 07:51:22

Congratulations! I think everyone feels a bit like this in the early stages - it is a worrying time. I think you should try to stop testing all the time, and see if there is something non pregnancy related that you could be doing to keep your mind off it. I am 23 weeks now and I find that the best way to make time pass quickly is when I am not thinking about the pregnancy too much! Good luck smile

cheekstime Wed 03-Feb-16 08:22:15

Being aware of your breath can help. Anxiety influences your breathing rate, makes you breath shallower. If you can control the breath it can control the anxiety symptoms when they are level that not good, i.e increase in cortisol (stress hormone). Deep breaths, both in and out evenly 10 times.

Tensing your muscle whilst in a relaxed position, sitting/layng can work. Start with the small muscles, so hands and feet than gradually work to rest of body than release. When you're stressed blood gets pumped into your muscles from your organs.

Listening to music with a hand on your baby and have a out loud or internal conversation with it, staying calm nice breaths.

Try and get of the internet and baby research and like the other lady above said, good idea to try and stop buying those preg sticks for a while.

Think about nourishing your body too as trying time I found in first trimester. That will give you something to concentrate on. Plenty water, salads etc.

Epsom salt baths a mug full for 20 mins. Not hot bath but warm. Magnesium gets stripped out when you are stressed. I have been told this is safe but if in doubt check with your GP. One of mine didn't know, I had to try another.

Good luck x

cheekstime Wed 03-Feb-16 08:29:25

If you don't have a bath you can spray magniesium on, think a good makes called 'better you.' all it has is the Mag in it. Mag supp hard on the tum and you woudl need guidance with GP if taking them.

I've been told the spray is fine but phone Doc and check sometimes they just don't know. Or bottle in frnt of them so they can read it

cheekstime Wed 03-Feb-16 08:30:23

I meant mag tablets hard on the tum. the spray gets absorbed through the skin, arms and legs.

Champagneformyrealfriends Wed 03-Feb-16 08:55:05

Don't google, try and relax, if you can afford it book an early private scan. And please stop taking pregnancy tests-the depth of the line doesn't really indicate anything and you're just upsetting yourself further. I felt like this-convinced it was all going to go wrong and I'm 30 weeks now.

Thinking of you op-anxiety is awful. flowers

HP07 Wed 03-Feb-16 10:20:24

I had this very same feeling when I found out I was pregnant a few weeks back (I even posted almost exactly the same thing!) It is very stressful. We had been ttc for 2 years and I was terrified something would go wrong, plus I had spotting. It's hard to give advice as I was a mess and struggled to follow any myself but try and take each day as it comes. Perhaps you can book yourself an early scan, we have just had one and the relief and reassurance it has given us is unbelievable. Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine.

TheGreaterGood Wed 03-Feb-16 15:57:06

Honestly, the only thing that reassured me was a scan so I second the suggestions to book a private one if you can afford to (from around £50?). My anxiety was off the scale (previous MCs) but has reduced over time - 8 week and 12 week scans both very reassuring.

Good luck OP - I feel your pain! flowers

Skinny9741 Thu 04-Feb-16 07:28:49

Thanks, I think I'm too early for even a private scan- possible only 3 weeks, 5 by lp. I was struggling with anxiety before I poas. It doesn't help that I have no symptoms, I just don't feel pregnant first time ever I wish I was sick.

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