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++ protein and high(ish) blood pressure

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blessedwithtwo Mon 01-Feb-16 12:39:48

I am 18+1 with ID twins and had consultant appointment this morning which went well, the girls are growing equally and healthily, bit on the smaller side but nothing to worry about hopefully they will have a spurt soon.

I saw the consultant for less than 5 mins who said the above and asked if my GTT was booked in at 24 weeks and that was it.

Since getting into work I noticed on my notes it says prot++ and my blood pressure is higher than before (130/70)

I haven't seen my midwife since my booking appointment at 8 weeks. I am awaiting a call back - but to stop me panicking - can anyone help?

Thank you

Tribblewithoutacause Mon 01-Feb-16 12:50:20

What's your blood pressure the previous weeks? Also, what was it at booking?

++ protein can be signs of a water infection, did he say anything about sending it off?

Are you having lots of discharge, was it a midstream sample? Or was it a sample right from the start of the wee?

blessedwithtwo Mon 01-Feb-16 13:10:05

its normally 120/80 - so not much difference at all but I do tend to worry :/

No, consultant didn't mention anything about my results just the girls.

My last sample taken at 16 weeks was sent off and the results came back normal and I was sore down below but got some cream from my GP and ive been fine since. No soreness/pain when urinating and my gp tested my wee and no bacteria was found.

I am having quite a bit of discharge actually...could it be contamination? Todays sample was straight into a pot and the nurse dipped stick'ed it.

Tribblewithoutacause Mon 01-Feb-16 13:27:28

Blood pressure sounds like it's fine to me if you're norm is 120/80. Plus you may have been stressed from the appointment so that can raise it as well.

If you've been having discharge, then could possibly be contamination. Nurse would have said something if they were concerned I expect.

But if you're worried, I'd ring the MW or GP and ask if you can have a quick blood pressure check to ease your mind. They'd rather see you than not, especially with a twin pregnancy.

BeautyIsTruth Mon 01-Feb-16 13:33:22

If your BP is normally 120/80, then I would say that 130/70 is fine. That's a completely normal BP and very little difference to normal. Sounds like the protein is probably contamination if you're having a lot of discharge.

Hope you hear back from your MW soon. Go and have your BP checked again if you're very concerned.

blessedwithtwo Mon 01-Feb-16 13:35:36

Thank you ladies very much - just waiting on a call back from Midwife.

Battleshiphips2 Mon 01-Feb-16 18:27:37

Could the discharge be thrush? I had + protein in my urine the other week because of thrush. I didn't have normal thrush discharge either. It was more like just being constantly damp. Your bp doesn't seem overly worrying.

kamillaw Mon 01-Feb-16 20:06:49

One midwife insisted I wash my foof before giving a sample or just a wipe with. Wet towel me then make sure the pee was mid stream and not straight off the mark. Try than next time you go in. bP is fine I'd say xx

blessedwithtwo Mon 01-Feb-16 22:40:37

I have had a more dampy feeling and dirtier knickers. I've started wearing liners. Good idea about having a wipe before and catching mid stream wee.
Phew. I see protein and just panic. Thank you all x

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