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spd/pgp or foot pain positive stories?

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strangerjo Sun 31-Jan-16 22:15:20

I'm 35 weeks with pain in my si joints since week 5. Now hip pain and pubic pain too. I had lower back problems before. I've also got delightful foot pain. I've tried belts, physio, osteopath, pilates but with little effect. I'm concerned the pain will never go. Does anyone have any positive stories to share (rather than horror wheelchair chronic disability stories)?
Any recommendations for people to see in London would be great too (physios, classes etc.)


gemsparkle84 Mon 01-Feb-16 01:06:29

Hi strangerjo

Wow I can sympathise with everything you've said. I have been having hip/ pelvic/ lower back pain for over a year. I'm also 35 weeks pregnant. I was previously diagnosed with coccydenia although never confirmed. The past couple of months my pain has been terrible. More so the past week. I also have terrible foot pain more in one foot (right), the inner corner of my heel next to the arch. I've seen a physio and was prescribed exercises. Good luck with your post I hope you get lots of help X

bluewisteria Mon 01-Feb-16 09:00:41

I had terrible spd with my first, and went here
Pricey but recommend it. Give them a ring and chat it through. I went at least once a week till birth.
Hope you feel better soon

ditsygal Mon 01-Feb-16 20:20:15

I had crippling SPD from around 26 weeks. I went to a private physio at about 30 weeks and 2 sessions later was walking with out crutches and although not perfect was a million times better. You need to find a really good physio or osteo who has experience in SPD and can do some manual manipulation on your hips, not just give you exercises.
After having my DS I was pretty much fine straight away. It has left a legacy of getting a mild amount of groin pain if I walk for a long time, but nothing worth writing home about!
I know many people who literally recovered from SPD the day they gave birth.
Hope that helps x

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