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light spotting - 9+3 any had similar?

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hula16 Sun 31-Jan-16 16:28:17

Currently 9+3 from LMP and had light pink tinged discharge, like cm (TMI sorry) yesterday morning then stopped then again this afternoon. Only when i wipe nothing on pads. I have a heavy like feeling same as before period would arrive. Only had slightly tender boobs and no sickness but boobs seem ok now. No cramps and (so far) no heavier bleeding.
Has anyone had similar and what was the outcome - please just be honest.

Rang epu on Sat and they said keep an eye on it for couple of days. Going to call MW in the morning.

I hate not knowing whats happening sad

hula16 Sun 31-Jan-16 17:16:56

Anyone? Or have i posted this in the wrong area?
Appreciate no one can tell me whats happening with me but would be grateful for any similiar situations.
Annoyingly needy i know...

Cheekylittlemonkeypants Sun 31-Jan-16 17:35:43

I had massive gushes of bright red blood at 9 weeks, was checked out by out of hours as it was Christmas eve but there was nothing they could do except book me in with epau 2 days later. Had a scan and all was fine, no cause for bleeding found but it happened again a few days later and I now think it happens after I've strained for a #2!

hula16 Sun 31-Jan-16 17:58:19

Thank you for that. Glad all was ok for you!
I cant seem to find a reason for it. Would probably feel happier if i could think there was a cause.
I hope they'll offer a scan tomorrow for either reassurance or at least an outright answer.

hula16 Sun 31-Jan-16 21:32:22

Heavier bleeding now. Got an appointment at EPAU tomorrow morning.
I feel like i already know its over. DH is being very positive. I'm soo worried about him.

libstar Sun 31-Jan-16 22:18:55

I had bleeding in 1st trimester and turned out to be bedding in and all was fine.

BartlayWhitlaymoore Mon 01-Feb-16 01:29:42

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Cheekylittlemonkeypants Mon 01-Feb-16 18:04:05

How did the scan go hula?

hula16 Mon 01-Feb-16 21:47:51

There was a sac but no yolk or fetal pole. They said either things stopped progressing or im not as far on as lmp would suggest. Got to go back in 2 weeks for a rescan. Going to be a long two weeks!
Thanks for thinking of me.

hula16 Mon 01-Feb-16 21:49:01

Also bleeding has got heavier. Im fairly sure its over but guess i just need to wait it out sad

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