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Pain on the surface of my bump (30 weeks)

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lostindubai Sun 31-Jan-16 15:15:29

I'm suffering quite a bit with surface pain at the front of my stomach (left side specifically) and have been for quite a few days now. I expect pain but this is affecting me quite badly, even the slightest brush past me or putting my over bump jeans on makes it sore.

Second pregnancy and never had this first time. Is it something that others suffer with?

DeffoJeffo Sun 31-Jan-16 15:24:22

I've been getting this too - feels like a bruise? I'm 33 weeks now and it's wearing off! Not helpful as I don't know what it is but you're not alone!

oneconfusedchick Sun 31-Jan-16 18:11:56

I had this bruise like pain around my belly button about week 33-35 - i think it went away after 1 week or so but do mention it to your midwife if you have any concern x

lostindubai Sun 31-Jan-16 19:20:04

Yes it feels like a really tender bruise. Glad I'm not the only one, thanks for answering ladies! Also glad to hear it may not last. I will mention it at my next check if it's still bothering me.

hebs72 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:37:17

Yep, I've been having something similar, on the top of my bump. I can't see anything, but it feels like I've got a raw patch.

It's definitely worse when I wear anything over the bump, so I've bought a pair of under the bump jeans, and it does seem better. It also helps to keep it well moisturised I find.

I did mention it to the midwife, and she suggests it's down to everything stretching - I'm 34+4, and I can definitely see my bump starting to really increase in size.

emmac3616 Mon 01-Feb-16 22:34:26

Me too... same sort of pain at the top of the bump (31wks)... feels like a bad bruise, only about 1-2inches across... so odd! Second pregnancy and didnt have with my first...

lostindubai Fri 05-Feb-16 20:36:41

This pain seems to be getting worse at the moment and covering a bigger area. I've also noticed I've got more surface veins in that area. Definitely a stretching type of pain. I bio-oil it every night but doesn't seem to help. Tomorrow I'm supposed to be posing for my 7 month bump photo! I really don't feel like it but I guess it'll show how ridiculously huge I am confused

I had a lovely enjoyable pregnancy last time around. This time it's been anything but, right from the start. One thing after another!

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