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Feeling down 😩

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Helphelp92 Sun 31-Jan-16 11:07:27

I'm 27 weeks tomorow, and I haven't got a bump just extra weight EVERYWHERE!!! My hips, back legs chin!!!! I wouldn't mind an extra bit of baby weight if I had a gorgeous bump I just feel so fat unattractive and don't even feel pregnant is anybody else feeling like this???

Feel like I can't talk to anyone the other half just says oh your pregnant can't even do any excercise cause I get dizzy cause of low blood pressure sad x

bluewisteria Sun 31-Jan-16 11:19:00

I was like this till 30 weeks, even though it's my third baby, and then out of no where I had a beach ball coming out of my tummy! You will too very soon I am sure, you'll feel so much better when you do.
If you can't exercise, getting out and having fresh air will still help lots, a gentle walk, with a mars bar in case you need sugar!

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 31-Jan-16 11:25:38

Yep I'm 30 weeks now and until the last week or so I just felt like a fat lady lol. Don't stress-you're not alone. flowers

Helphelp92 Sun 31-Jan-16 11:38:26

Just feel so down the only time I feel comfortable is at home in my pjs going shopping for work clothes is horrible I've always struggled with my weight but before I got pregnant I lost 3 stone and I've probably put that all back on ha ha , just can't wait for this pop they say happens this is me just look plump 😩😩

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