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Shock pregnancy but now I'm bleeding!

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aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Sat 30-Jan-16 21:56:28

I'm just looking for someone to talk to I think, other than DH as no one else knows - not even our parents or our DS.

I had two positive pregnancy tests on Thursday, one am and one pm (to make sure), which were a massive shock and surprise as we had not planned a pregnancy.

My periods have been nearly non-existant since I was taken off the combined pill in October 2015 so have barely nothing to go on. My husband has had some ED problems due to a medical condition, so sometimes we've just jumped on the chance while we had it, as putting on a condom would make him go soft again. It's been a case of ignorance and 'that it wouldn't happen to us' sort of thinking. But it has and now we have to deal with the consequences.

However, I had some brownish discharge on Friday afternoon, then while at work, this turned to pink streaked stringy like discharge which I assumed was normal. (I can't remember having any of this with my DS 6 years ago). Last night, I started bleeding, bright red blood and have carried on bleeding all day today, however, it's only there when I 'wipe' after going to the toilet, and there's nothing on the pads I've been wearing to 'soak' it up. I've obviously taken to google (not normally a good idea in my case), and most websites say there's nothing they can do unless I'm soaking through at least 1 pad an hour, which I'm not or I'm in severe pain, again which I'm not. I've had a couple of mild cramps, as if I'm on a period but nothing I'd class as sinister. Bleeding is almost like a 'normal period' in colour, consistency and has small blackish coloured clots, ranging from 1mm - 200mm in size. I've not noticed any other tissue etc. I don't want to go to the hospital to sit for hours with my son in pyjamas to be sent home saying there's nothing they can do.

My initial thoughts were that I'm miscarrying, although I'm not 100% sure as I'm still experiencing symptoms such as tender breasts, 'bubble-like' feeling in my tummy (I had this with my son also), hungry and thirsty, metallic taste in my mouth and feeling nauseous - especially when brushing my teeth, which is what triggered the pregnancy test in the first place.

Pregnancy test puts me at 2-3 weeks, but according to their leaflet, you add 2 weeks on to this as this is what a doctor would do (clearblue digital), so this puts me at 4-5 weeks pregnant. I'm aware at this stage that the hospital or doctor would be unlikely to do anything.

Just someone to talk to would be appreciated. Or at least know that someone may have been through the same thing. I can't help but feel guilty about it and that it's my fault it's happened, as I wasn't too overjoyed when I found out - have just settled into a new job and started a new college course to train for my career, so not the best time, but we've discussed it and come round to the idea.

quitecrunchy Sat 30-Jan-16 22:21:17

Hi spoonful, I don't gave any experience to speak from but just wanted to say sorry you're going through this and hope things work out ok. There will be others on here that have had similar bleeding and found out all was still fine, and others who weren't so fortunate. Whatever happens try not to blame yourself for the bleeding. Your body is doing it's own thing and there's absolutely nothing you could've done or felt differently that would've made a difference. Best of luck

bluewisteria Sat 30-Jan-16 23:03:05

I'm sorry you're going through this.

It's too early to see anything on a scan, but you can have your hcg levels measured a few days apart which should indicate how the pregnancy is going. Some EPU units have a walk in and others want a GP to send you in, so it depends where you live. I would call your local hospital EPU or GP and ask their advice.
I hope it all works out, let us know.

aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Sat 30-Jan-16 23:26:59

Thank you for your replies.

I'm still feeling 'pregnant' and have been experiencing 'bubble' sensations like something popping in my lower tummy, which I had with my son.

Hopefully my GP surgery will offer some advice on Monday morning. Our local hospital doesn't have an EPU where I could go without a referral and I don't want to sit in A&E (plus my ndn is an A&E nurse and although I'm aware of confidentiality, I couldn't face seeing her at this time)

I've just been to the loo again, and pad is still dry and no blood on it, blood when I wiped was a lighter red (almost orange) and not as much, so hoping it's tailing off a bit.

Thank you again for replying, it makes me feel a bit better as only myself and my husband know, other than a very trusted friend I told yesterday, who I don't want to burden with this at this time.

I'll keep you updated x

ButterIsAngelSpunk Sat 30-Jan-16 23:38:07

For exactly a week between being 4 and 5 weeks pregnant I experienced the exact same bleeding. It gradually stopped and the rest of my pregnancy was worry-free. I hope the same happens with yours. Take care.

bluewisteria Sun 31-Jan-16 09:30:41

It sounds quite positive that you are not bleeding bright red blood! Fingers crossed for you.

quitecrunchy Sun 31-Jan-16 10:19:45

Yeah that sounds promising that it's not as red anymore. At 4-5 weeks if it doesn't turn into a full blown period it could just be implantation bleeding. Fingers crossed.

seven201 Sun 31-Jan-16 12:01:33

I had bleeding early on which started Friday night. I rang 111 sat morning (I was also woken up with a cramp that made my eyes water as otherwise wouldn't have rung them) and they said to ring gp on Monday. Had telephone appt with gp and they referred me to the epu for Wednesday or Thursday. It wasn't a fun wait but all turned out fine. Had a further two lots of bleeding for one of which they referred me to the epu again. I'm
now 19 and a bit weeks. I think ring your gp first thing, unless the bleeding gets worse of course.

aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Sun 31-Jan-16 15:03:09

This morning, pad still clean and dry and have been all day, but still bloody when I go to the loo. I'm assuming that I've not lost much blood as it's not exactly 'running' out of me - sorry TMI. Some small clots but nothing massive. I've also had some cramping but nothing to make me wince or grit my teeth at, just a normal periody type ache. Bleeding seems to have stayed the lighter red colour, almost as if it is watery as opposed to fresh drawn blood.

I've kept on my feet most of the day to see if gravity made it better/worse, but still nothing major to report.

I'll still ring GP in the morning and see what they say. Husband and I have started preparing ourselves for the worst news, just in case, we have a very close relationship and are very 'in tune' with each other so talking comes quite easily between us. Hopefully it won't come to that though. I'm not at work tonight (I normally work Sunday evenings) so will be mainly resting up again and chilling out.

Thanks again for your support. I do appreciate it and it helps keep me off Google x

aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Sun 31-Jan-16 15:59:36

Back again

Unfortunately, I had to run to the loo with cramping back pain, felt something 'slipping' and caught it with some loo roll. It looks like a lump of tissue, about 7cm long, jelly like. I'm guessing I've lost the baby.

Husband calling NHS direct now x

Iwonderif Sun 31-Jan-16 16:09:38

I've just read the length of your thread. Big hugs. I have no experience of miscarriage but it's good to hear you have a lovely supportive DH who you can talk to. Hoping 111 gave you good advice & support. flowers

aspoonfulofyourownmedicine Sun 31-Jan-16 18:48:14

Thanks Iwonderif - Doctor from NHS called me back and has confirmed miscarriage. They don't need the tissue etc taken to a hospital and said because I feel fine apart from the odd twinge and I'm not losing gallons of blood, I'll be fine to rest at home. Obviously I need to call back if symptoms get worse.

Pregnancy was a massive shock as it wasn't planned, but miscarrying was a massive shock on top of an already huge shock. Thankfully I feel fine, physically and emotionally. I've had a bit cry and been reassured that it wasn't my fault, I just feel a bit crampy and grumpy. Thanks again for all your kind words and posts. Appreciated greatly.

quitecrunchy Sun 31-Jan-16 18:59:05

Really sorry to hear that spoonful. You've really been through the mill, please look after yourself and take your time to regroup and get your head around all that's happened. All the best flowers

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