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induction - tell me it'll be ok

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thumpson Sat 30-Jan-16 10:08:15

I'm being induced next week at 38+1 because of GDM and growth worries. I'm high risk anyway after so many losses and I'm panicking. Can't stop thinking about stillbirth and fixated on every flutter. What if there's distress and I don't notice?

Terrified the induction won't work or something will go wrong. Terrified I'll have to have an emcs and I'll die. Not coping at all.

Someone please tell me I'll get through this.

bluewisteria Sat 30-Jan-16 13:18:41

You'll get through it.
Being high risk they will keep a closer eye on you than they otherwise would. Explain your fears to the midwife when you go in, they will be sympathetic and reassure you.
I've been induced, it was fine. Contractions were harsher than natural labour but take the drugs if you want them. Be upright as much as you can, you can get monitors that allow you to walk around rather than be in your back.

If you can between now and then try some mindfulness and relaxation techniques. They really make a difference and the more relaxed you are the better.

Do you want a natural birth or would you rather a planned c section?

Missdee2014 Sun 31-Jan-16 06:31:23

I've never gone into labour on my own so nothing to compare to. I was induced with both of my dd's and am being induced again this time round. Try not to worry about it, I had two runs relatively easily and straight forward induced deliveries and haven't hesitated when they said will be the same this time. Good luck!

Battleshiphips2 Sun 31-Jan-16 19:14:47

Your baby will be monitored closely and any signs of distress the midwives will pick up on. I'm being induced in 18 days because he's getting huge due to diabetes! I was induced with my last one too and as soon as he started getting distressed they immediately took me down for a c section. Luckily the consultant checked and managed to do forcep delivery.

You'll be fine. It's natural to worry, this is my 2nd and I worrying but at the end of the day you'll be in the best place possible and as you are consultant led they'll keep a close eye on you.

greenlizard Mon 01-Feb-16 14:31:29

I was induced with my DS at 39 weeks. I was dreading it as I nor he were ready but it was absolutely fine. A bit intense maybe because you get contractions one on top of the other but really OK (and I am a big girls blouse grin). I used a tens machine and gas and air which really helped with the pain and did some breathing exercises on each contraction which helped relax me. They strapped a wireless monitor on me so they could see his heartbeat all the way through and I could still trundle around (but make sure you have a nightie/long t-shirt on - think I flashed the whole labour ward corridor when I went to the toilet!). He needed a bit of help with forceps right at the end because he kept going back up the wrong way and so was a bit cross when he was born grin.

Tell your midwife what your fears are and they can help you manage your anxiety. You will be fine and your baby is going to be here very soon! flowers

Roseberrry Mon 01-Feb-16 14:41:11

Good luck op. I'll be honest, being induced early with your first baby won't be an easy process, but tbh I don't think any births are easy!
Be prepared for it to take at least 24 hours from the pessary in to baby out. Get lots of rest and have snacky food rather than a meal throughout the day.

I've had inductions with both mine and both have been fine, everyone left healthy and happy.

Keep the thought of meeting your little one for the first time in your mind, it's so exciting (and tiring!). Good luck smile

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