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Stomach cramps.. Hunger?

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pa55methecake Fri 29-Jan-16 00:40:48

Hi everyone! I'm 8 + 5 and have woken in the night with sharp cramp type pains and papped my pants! After about 10 mins of panicking and wondering when to wake hubby I decided to have a belvita cereal bar type thing as was wondering if it was through hunger and it seems to have subsided though still feel as though I could eat a scabby horse.

Is it possible to be that hungry that It caused cramps? I have been getting totally ravenous during the day and can go from okay to would kill for food in about 10 seconds.

Is anyone else getting so hungry that it's actually painful? Hoping I'm not clutching at straws now!!

Epilepsyhelp Fri 29-Jan-16 00:46:22

I definitely get so hungry it hurts but it's a very different type of pain, I couldn't confuse it with uterine cramps I don't think. Were they definitely uterine? I have had quite a bit of cramping the last few weeks (I'm only six weeks though) and moving around can help the pain a lot.

pa55methecake Fri 29-Jan-16 06:21:06

Thanks! Yes I'm sure they were. Had a bad nights sleep but telling myself there is a lot changing this week so it's bound to be uncomfortable at times. These 12 weeks are hard going, I move very quickly from feeling positive to anxious things will go wrong sad

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