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Has anyone had a BFN and found out they are actually pregnant?

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BlackRose0 Thu 28-Jan-16 20:59:41

Hi all, DH and I have been ttc baby number 2 for the last 3 months. Usually my cycle is between 30-32 days, however, it has now been over 6 weeks since last period (44 days) but the tests I have done have come back negative. I have been extremely tired the last 2 weeks - similar to how I did with my pregnancy with dd. Has anyone else experienced similar and not had a positive test at first or could it be my body playing tricks on me?! grin

Rainbowsandpenguins Thu 28-Jan-16 22:22:39

I had 2 bfns before my bfp. I had the bfns the day I was due on, and the day after. I would think the hcg would show though if you're more than a few days late. A blood test would tell you for certain. Good luck.

TriJo Thu 28-Jan-16 23:05:34

Had a blood test in July that was negative - turned out that if it had been done 1-2 days later it would have been a positive. Ended up not testing again for another month because I trusted the blood test and was already 7+2 when I finally got a very very strong BFP!

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