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20 week scan brain measure abnormal

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Pagetta Thu 28-Jan-16 17:04:34

Just had 20 week scan and been told that one of brain measurements is slightly over what it should be (10.4 when 10 is highest) so I have to go see Consultant for specialist scan to check it.
Sonographer did say that 1. It's very borderline and 2. There were NO other abnormalities. But she has to refer me as it's over 10. Also all my other tests put me in a v low risk Downs category.

I'm TOTALLY freaking out here. Can't get another scan til Weds.

She said it could indicate chromosomal abnormalities. Like downs. But she wouldn't go into any more detail as she said it's best to speak to consultant.

Her words were quite reassuring but her tone was very grave which has me worried.

Anyone else had this or know much about it?
Trying SO hard not to Google stuff sad

May09Bump Thu 28-Jan-16 17:18:35

Sorry your having to go through this - when is you consultant appointment?

Maybe ask them whether a harmony test would give you a definitive answer to whether the baby has what they are concerned about. It's expensive, but they turned round the results in 5 days and it's based on the babies DNA - found in your bloodstream. I did it because I'm 38 and it put my mind at ease. I believe it is available on the NHS in some areas, if deemed necessary by a consultant.

Don't google and try to remain positive as it is borderline - hopefully your appointment is soon and be kind to yourself.

DinoSnores Thu 28-Jan-16 17:32:08

I know exactly which measurement you are meaning - because this is what happened at my scan just a couple of weeks ago!

Firstly, the follow up scan a fortnight later was completely and utterly normal. My initial measurements were about 10.3mm, the repeat measurements were about 7mm.

It is very borderline, could well be down to the baby's position etc so not being able to to get a perfect angle for the measurement etc.

Even if it remains like that, the risk of mild ventriculomegaly (I was told by my consultant), in the absence of any other concerning signs is that 5% of children would have some learning difficulties and 95% of children would be completely and utterly fine.

Hope the next scan is reassuring.

Pagetta Thu 28-Jan-16 17:45:50

Thank you both for your responses - Dino HOW did you wait two weeks for that scan?? Its good to hear you're OK though and fingers crossed we'll be similar.

It doesn't help that my DH has had a go at me for over reacting. He says tears are for actual bad news, not for this. :-/
He's very supportive in many practical ways but not so much at stuff like this

DinoSnores Thu 28-Jan-16 18:06:31

In our case, I'm looked after by Fetal Medicine anyway because of previous and worse problems, so we were seen by experts in the first place who were very calm and non-alarmist about it all. They were lovely and very calm about it, which helped us to be calm about it, which sounds different to how you were treated. flowers

hopinghopefullyagain Sat 30-Jan-16 13:11:08

Our baby did have a chromosome defect. 6 different abnormalities were picked up at the scan and her measurements were most definitely not borderline. Chances are your sonographer is rightly being cautious. During the pregnancy several of the initial abnormalities were ruled out and others picked up. Our experience is that scans are not an exact science and are frequently wrong

Tftpoo Sat 30-Jan-16 15:00:47

I had this too although the slightly too high measurement wasn't picked up until 29 weeks on an MRI that I had to have for other reasons. One of the ventricles measured 12mm at 29 weeks and the same again yesterday (33 weeks) at a follow up ultrasound. Even at 12mm they are not unduly concerned - in the absence of any other abnormalities and good growth, there is no further follow up except a referral to paediatrics after the baby is born. It is scary to hear there could be something wrong but I'm trying to staying positive because everything else looks fine apparently. This is one of a series of issues that have dogged this pregnancy...just seems like one thing after another to worry about. Hope you can feel a bit calmer about it after the next scan flowers

rallytog1 Sat 30-Jan-16 18:13:47

I had almost exactly the same as you (assuming you're talking ventricles) - had to wait 2 weeks for a second scan but they were found to be totally normal and that pregnancy is now a very robust and healthy 2 year old.

As a pp said, measurements can often be wrong or misleading. A borderline measurement for one soft marker is also highly unlikely to be an indicator of something wrong, especially when everything else is looking good.

My tips - step away from Google (it's not a doctor and is not your friend), so whatever you can to distract yourself while you're waiting for the follow up scan, and make sure you've got people around you for support. It is very worrying and I remember it well, but the chances really are that everything is fine.

Pagetta Mon 01-Feb-16 21:53:09

thank you all for replying. thankfully i only had a 5 day wait for a scan with a fetal medicine specialist - she did a thorough scan and found nothing at all - she did the ventricles repeatedly and biggest measurement she could get was 9.1 - so all looks good. she said they are 'pronounced' but within normal range and nothing else showed up.

got to wait on blood results and they will rescan in 2 weeks to check back, but for now i am feeling very reassured.

My husband is away which is sucky but i did take a friend which was a very good bit of advice - i would have been a wreck without here there! thank you xx

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