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if you had PE and had to have a c section in first pregnancy...

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UptownFunk00 Thu 28-Jan-16 11:26:09

What happened in subsequent pregnancies (induction, c section, natural)?

I'm expecting DD number 2 and in a few weeks if she hasn't arrived have to decide on induction for a VBAC or an ELCS but not sure which is best/more realistic.

I'd like to have a natural birth but if the chances are low I'd rather a planned than emergency c section.

So what happened with you?

Thanks for answering/sharing.

Autumn2014 Thu 28-Jan-16 13:03:17

I had pe and delivered at 31 weeks by emergency section due to severe hellp syndrome. I'm now nearly 27 weeks. The consultant has had an initial short discussion with to to say that I'm suitable for a vbac with a small risk of scar rupture, would have constant fetal monitoring. She has said that the only induction she would consider is to break my waters, not to use any medication etc. So it looks like a vbac is the option for a natural full term delivery, but if I have to deliver early because my bp is high or I develop pe again that the only other option would be a section. At the moment I'm leaning towards wanting a natural labour and delivery because I have a little boy and no family locally don't want a.long recovery period. But I am very scared about it as I never went through the labour process last time and wonder if I can cope. No decision fully made yet. Probably not very helpful.

babynumber3eek Thu 28-Jan-16 16:09:27

I had PE with Dd1 but only induced. Dd2 was a CS for different reasons and so I was given the choice for D's (15 months ago). I decided to go for a CS because, although I could potentially have a VBAC they wouldn't be able to induce / give any drugs to hurry things along as there is a much (not sure how much) greater risk of rupture if given those things. However, it is a very individual decision. Having had both deliveries I can honestly say that VB was no better/worse than CS, just different. Other people may have very different views and so although others can give you their experiences it is about your priorities /emotions on the subject.

lfitzgerald100 Thu 28-Jan-16 22:24:32

I know how your feeling!!

I had pe from 32 weeks with my first pregnancy and had an emergency c section at 34+5 weeks due to slow growth (he was only 4lb and baby was in distress! I'm now 36 weeks pregnant with my second, no sign on pe and having monthly growth scans showing my baby is larger than normal!

I wanted to have a vbac but terrified now incase he is huge and end up needing a emcs, so unsure what to do!

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