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confused how far I am

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klh1989 Wed 27-Jan-16 23:14:05

Wondering if any1 could help last month on the middle of my cycle I had light pinkish discharge only when I wiped for a day then nothing else I was then 2 days late and was just going to do a test when I started bleeding. It was bright red bt it wasn't as heavy as what my normal periods are like but it did last around 5 days. I'm 2 days late again this month and iv done a test today and result came up positive within 30 seconds each time and I took 2 tests. I don't kno if the end of november could have been my last period or that bleed I had at the at the end of December was a actual period or not!

FuzzyOwl Wed 27-Jan-16 23:23:57

Congratulations! In my experience implantation bleeding is dark brown and is more like spotting, so I would say five days of red blood was a period. I would also expect a quick line to come up when two days late, assuming you have an average length LP. Therefore, my guess is that you are about a month pregnant.

They are not always completely reliable but you could get a Clearblue conception indicator and you will know from whether it says you are 3+ weeks (conceived in November) or 1-2/2-3 weeks (conceived in December).

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