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Just found out, and unsure what to do

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baby0684 Wed 27-Jan-16 22:02:19

I have 2 children already , I had PND with them both. With the 2nd 1 my daughter was very hands on as I am a single parent. She was only 7 at the time. So alot for her.

I have been single since my last child, and in November/December I was had a bit of a fling with a guy.
Since end December til now, I been in a new relationship.

I think that this pregnancy is from the fling, as was very stupid. Small chance could be relationship, but was very sensible, so more likely the fling.

I dont really know what to do.
Do I keep it and loose the new relationship and struggle along as a single parent again.
Do I have an abortion (which I never thought I would even think of).

Artioo2 Thu 28-Jan-16 10:36:05

Sorry you haven't had any replies. I guess it comes down to how important the new relationship is to you. If you did choose to have an abortion, and then later on your relationship ended for unrelated reasons, how would you feel about the decision then? Would you regret it?

What might the new guy's response be if you told him the situation, and your uncertainty about dates? It doesn't sound like the relationships overlapped, so you haven't done anything wrong by him.

LaurieLemons Thu 28-Jan-16 10:42:30

Hi, it's always going to be a tough decision as there's no magic solution but I don't think you should get rid of this baby purely to keep the new relationship. Think about what you would do if you were single anyway. You have to make the best decision for you and your kids, and don't feel guilty whatever you decide smile

sepa Thu 28-Jan-16 15:49:32

Does your current guy know about your fling? I would suggest speaking to him honestly about it. You didn't cheat on him so this wouldn't be a reason for him to leave you.

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