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27+6 and suddenly feel AMAZING!

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Alp712 Wed 27-Jan-16 20:50:16

Not had a bad pregnancy or any complications but felt pretty rough the whole time with hangover type feelings most mornings and exhaustion most late afternoons followed by early nights. For the last 3 weeks ive felt especially crap.. pelvic pain so bad that sometimes going up stairs or putting my knickers on is excruciating! Period type pains that come and go. constant lower back ache, peeing several times an hour and the feeling that its a painful effort to lift myself out of bed when accompanied by sharp pains down below.
However as of today i dont even feel pregnant! Ive had a spring in my step, nothing feels like too much effort, not been out of breath from climbing stairs etc, all pain has gone! In fact, at 6pm i sat down to watch some tv and felt so restless/annoyed by sitting still that i got up and power walked the the pool to do 45 minutes of laps. Still got bundles of energy left and now pottering around the house, tidying things and wondering what i can get my hands on to prevent sitting still. I honestly feel like i did at the start of last year pre-pregnancy...Is this normal!?
Has anyone else experienced this in the last month?! I almost dont trust the feeling as i had grown so used to feeling rubbish!

gemsparkle84 Thu 28-Jan-16 04:13:05

Ha ha enjoy! I'm 35 weeks. Had a rough first 4 months about 6 weeks in between feeling a mixture of great and crap on and off and now I'm pretty much feeling like pants. wink

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