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Cnmorgan13 Wed 27-Jan-16 20:26:45

Just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any remedies?
Basically woke up this morning with swollen puffy hands. My fingers hurt/ache ever so slightly when making a fist. My feet are a bit swollen but nothing much. It's my legs though! When bending at the knee my calves are swollen to. It feels like I've put on a couple stone overnight. I just had my 34 week midwife appointment with no issues with urine sample. and I called triage who said its normal. (I was worried about pre-eclampsia)
Any suggestions before I turn into the michelin man

KatyK1980 Wed 27-Jan-16 20:49:59

Hi, sorry I don't have any suggestions to help, but wanted you to know you are not alone! I'm 38+5 and can't wear any of my rings any more due to my big fat hands! Legs also bit puffy but it's my hands that bother me most. I tend to just dunk thme in cold water when they are too bad! Hope you find some tips that might help you!

bluewisteria Wed 27-Jan-16 21:39:11

I would still get blood pressure measured and possible bloods done. Do you have headaches or visual disturbances?

Dixiechick17 Wed 27-Jan-16 21:42:45

This happened to me all of a sudden from 34 weeks, my ankles were massive and my legs like tree trunks. I also had to remove my rings, I just kept my legs elevated where possible and kept an eye out for any other symptoms. All was ok and the swelling went down within days of giving birth.

Cnmorgan13 Wed 27-Jan-16 21:47:05

Other than the usual complaints I'm in good health, low risk etc. Just kind of came out of no where. I've got a prego class tomorrow at the hospital so I'll have a quick word with the midwife

sepa Wed 27-Jan-16 21:56:54

I thought I was imagining the tree trunk legs. What is up with that! Also 34 weeks

Lbee123 Wed 27-Jan-16 22:20:27

I've noticed that I tend to swell up more when I'm dehydrated. I've had to massively up my water in take the last few weeks (37 weeks now) which seems to help a little bit especially with my fingers.

Cnmorgan13 Fri 29-Jan-16 21:33:02

Urgh, my feet have caught up with my hands. I have actual kankles confusedblush
The midwife had a look at my hands last night at the class as they'd really swollen up (with the heat in the room i think) all perfectly normal. Just another treat in the 3rd trimester bag

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