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Exhausted week 30 - Carpal Tunnel

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Chow82 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:47:34

Is anyone else exhausted at week 30? I have terrible carpal tunnel and have visited the physio who has given me splints. But I cant sleep because of the pain. Last night I went to bed at 10 (as I had an antenatal class) and woke at 11.30 and then at 2.30am in agony. Despite trying everything I could think off I didn't manage to relief the pain or return to sleep. I have had many a night like this. I am now at work and feel like I cant cope much longer. I feel so ridiculous to feel like this at this stage, but I don't know how much longer I can go on feeling like this. I am so excited to be a mum and feel terrible for feeling this way. Physio have written to my work advising that reduced hours would be beneficial but they don't appear to be willing to accommodate this. Anyone else experiencing this or have any suggestions on how to relief the pain?

gemsparkle84 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:11:52

Hi chow

I don't have carpel tunnel but can relate to your issues. I have horrendous posterior pelvic pain, a long standing issue for me made worse by pregnancy. I'm 35 weeks at the moment.

Do you have some annual leave you could use if they are unwilling to accommodate? I'm not sure on whether or not they have to. I think refusal of annual leave requests so you could have a week or two off would be extremely unseasonable of them.

Hope you feel better soon. wink

Chow82 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:41:54

Thanks gemsparkle. Sorry to hear you have been in so much pain as well. Hope you find some relief in your final weeks.

I have added some annual leave to my mat leave so I can finish at the end of week 36 but as they haven't found my replacement (or in fact started looking) its very unlikely I can take leave before. I have booked the odd day.

I think I am more disappointed that they are not willing to help, After many years of loyal employment, over ten years and with very few periods off ill. (unlike a lot of other employees) I thought they may be willing to help me when I needed it. The physio did say I would almost certainly be signed off by the doctor as is a severe case, but I want to continue to work as don't think mentally it would be good to be off for such a long time. By slightly reducing my hours I really was hoping to stay in work and not let anyone down. But if things continue as bad as they are, I may have no choice :0(

gemsparkle84 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:54:02

chow don't even think about it. Like you say it's awful to think but years of hard service etc mean nothing when it comes to it. I should know. Do what's right for you. wink

KnitsBakesAndReads Wed 27-Jan-16 20:13:02

I can really sympathise. 30 weeks now too, and I also have carpal tunnel symptoms though nowhere near as bad as yours. My physio gave me splints too which seem to help stop me waking up with pins and needles and pain in my hands. I'm not sleeping well due to back / hip pain though so I know what it's like trying to function on so little sleep.

It's awful that your work are being so unreasonable, particularly if you have a letter from a physio advising that you should be working reduced hours. It even sounds like your work are potentially breaking the law by refusing to agree to this as they're required to do a risk assessment and prevent you from being exposed to any risks. It sounds like working full time is a risk for you (as confirmed by your physio) so they should allow you to reduce your hours in order to minimise this risk.

Do you have a trade union rep at work who you could ask for advice? If you can't get it resolved then it sounds like you'd have no choice but to ask your GP to sign you off work. I wouldn't worry about letting anyone down - your health has to come first, and in any case it wouldn't be your decision to be signed off work, you'd have been forced to do so because work are refusing to accommodate your perfectly reasonable request for reduced hours.

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