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What exercise do you do and how many weeks are you?

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silverstar77 Wed 27-Jan-16 11:32:21

Hello everyone!
Just interested really, know it's so different for everyone.
I'm only 11weeks and still pretty sick still, possibly even worse than a week or so ago, but find that the only time I don't feel sick is when I eat and when I exercise!
So am walking, slow jogging and doing body weight and resistance band stuff within all the guidelines. Hope it can continue but interested to hear other peoples experiences

Sanch1 Wed 27-Jan-16 11:33:59

I am 20 weeks and I am running 2-3 times a week, not more than 5k though and a lot slower than previous. I have an ante-natal DVD I'm going to swap to once running gets too much.

5hell Wed 27-Jan-16 11:48:13

well done for keeping up your exercise smile

I'm 31w and still managing my normal yoga class, body pump, dog walking and an antenatal yoga dvd (bit gentle & boring, but easy for tired days), plan to get back in the pool too now I've got a maternity swimsuit once I've tamed the bush!

KnitsBakesAndReads Wed 27-Jan-16 12:15:19

I'm 30 weeks and at the moment I'm trying to swim a couple of times a week and go to a pregnancy yoga class once or twice a week. On the days when I don't do those things I try to go for a good walk (usually 40 mins to an hour).

I've also got a Fitbit and try to make sure I get 10,000 steps most days.

I'm impressed you're managing to keep up an exercise routine in the first trimester. I was so tired then the only exercise I really did was walking as much as I felt able to.

silverstar77 Wed 27-Jan-16 12:54:18

Hi all

Thanks for the comments, really good to hear from others who are continuing to exercise. Well done!!
I do feel really sick and tired but if I force myself to go out then within seconds I don't feel sick! As soon as I'm back I do again, weird.I'm running less than 5k too Sanch1 and very slow

I also have a Fitbit and am trying to keep 10,000 steps up but some days has been a challenge lately and I've had to pretend my Fitbit keeps breaking so no one susses!! Can't wait to tell people if all is ok at the scan!!

Will be picking all of your brains for maternity exercise clothing soon I hope..and Shell!

Need to start some pelvic floor exercises too I guess...

Keeeeeeeeeep Moving!


MotherKat Wed 27-Jan-16 14:36:46

31+2 with twins daisy birth yoga. 1 class a week but I do it every day, swimming once or twice a week, although it's not really swimming anymore, more floating with intent, but I look like a space hopper with feet.

TheCatsMeow Wed 27-Jan-16 15:14:21

I did nothing throughout mine but I kept having severe sickness and contractions that got worse if I did anything heavy

Fifi10 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:14:59

Pre-pregnancy I did various classes each week- kettlebells x1, core x1, insanity x1, piyo x1. 2-3 gym sessions of cardio and weights and a 2 mile swim.

Currently 10 weeks and have dropped kettlebells and reduced insanity to low impact options. Got conflicting info and advice on core exercises so will drop this altogether by 12 weeks but wil probably add in another swim each week. I was advised by GP and mw to carry on with what I would normally do unless it is painful or I cannot hold a conversation throughout.

silverstar77 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:35:19

Hi Fifi10

Good to hear from someone else in the early days attempting to keep things up. Are you feeling ill at all?

I'm actually a PT and most core exercises are ok you just have to stay away from ones on your back mainly and keep an eye out for whether you get a split rectus abdomini
it explains it here:

I found these exercises useful, 14 to choose from:

Hope that's helpful

Yeah make sure you don't get too hot and can still talk.

Don't stretch in the first trimester either (as ligaments are v elasticated and it can cause damage)

MotherKat - twins exciting! Loving the space hopper image!


Fifi10 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:51:21

silverstar I think I've been very lucky so far, no sickness just a feeling of nausea if I get overly hungry but I can cope with that. I'm a bit more tired than before, and feel a little less fit in general if that makes sense but I'm determined to keep going so I don't lose ground. I'm by no means small with a bmi of 26 but I like to think I'm fairly fit and I want to keep this up.

Thanks for the links, I'm not 100% sure about piyo as it's yoga/pilates based so is stretching but I enjoy it so much that I don't want to give it up. I think it's a bit early for antenatal yoga as I have no bump at all!

TriJo Wed 27-Jan-16 15:54:44

32+3 - swimming, gym cardio (elliptical and stationary bike), prenatal yoga. I ran regularly until 25 weeks, cycled outdoors until 14 weeks and completed an Olympic distance triathlon (1500m swim/40km bike/10km run) at 8 weeks.

Kirjava Wed 27-Jan-16 15:58:20

I'm 11 weeks. I weightlift 3 times a week, still pretty heavy. I've been weightlifting for a few years, know what I'm doing and so happy to listen to my body.

OhShutUpThomas Wed 27-Jan-16 15:59:04

I'm looking after my 1 year old and 3 year old grin

Today I've done soft play, a bike ride and a walk. Yesterday we went swimming.

I also go on the treadmill slowly on an incline if I can be arsed and ride my horse when I get time. I'm 9 weeks, sickness gone off now and very anxious about viability - but why, I don't know...!

Kirjava Wed 27-Jan-16 15:59:27

I also walk 20,000 steps a day, more at weekends.

ILoveYouBaby Wed 27-Jan-16 16:23:52

4 weeks (!) and really hoping to continue with my aerial classes and walking. I'll have to modify the exercises when a bump appears, and I've dropped the killer conditioning class.

silverstar stretching is a core part of aerial so I'll need to be careful!

dizzylemon Wed 27-Jan-16 16:39:39

Felt so nauseous and tired in the first trimester, I really did not want to do a damn thing so think I just walked a lot when I could.

Do a yoga class once a week and then try to do some stretching when I remember. Also swimming once/twice a week when work doesn't interfere. I find myself doing two fairly slow lengths and having to rest a bit between them and can usually do 20x25m in half an hour.

Been finding stairs hard work on occasion so am being really careful. Think it's important to keep moving, do whatever you feel comfortable with and don't beat yourself up about not doing anything.

Probably also important to note I was an avid Crossfitter at one point but had been letting that slip due to illness in the 6 months prior to pregnancy and currently feeling really unfit. Also think it's important not to be too hard on yourself with regards to frustrations about feeling less fit/energetic then normal and don't push it either.

Am 30 weeks.

KnitsBakesAndReads Wed 27-Jan-16 17:11:36

silverstar, if you are looking for a maternity swimming costume in a few months time I really recommend this Speedo one:

It's quite low in the back which I thought might mean it wasn't supportive enough, especially with my massive pregnancy boobs, but actually it's fine. I'm 30 weeks and it fits me fine, just keeping my fingers crossed I don't outgrow it before my due date!

Rosi393 Wed 27-Jan-16 17:17:39

I'm 19 weeks and I have kept up training. I have went from 6 training sessions a week to 3-4. I do circuit training, spin and still keeping up with hiit ATM. I have recently taking up body balance well is great for pregnancy.

alwaysdancing Wed 27-Jan-16 19:32:30

20 weeks here and still running 5k once or twice a week, plus a stretch class and a longish hill walk at the weekends. Pre-pregnancy, I was running 10k plus, three times a week, alongside several hours of aerial, stretch and abs classes.

Iloveyoubaby - I had to stop my aerial class when I found out I was pregnant as my instructors weren't happy about the risk of falling. Kept up with the stretch class, but being careful and not doing anything that involves stretching my abdomen. I miss it but very pleased to have kept up some level of activity!

ILoveYouBaby Wed 27-Jan-16 19:50:56

Oh no always , I'd be devastated if they told me that I had to stop sad

I didn't make it tonight as sickness kicked off just before. Already!

skankingpiglet Wed 27-Jan-16 21:46:27

I've never much been into sport, but always been fairly active. With my first pregnancy I kept up my regular yoga class once a week, swam on occasion, and was working full time in a very physical job lugging a bag of tools around a 400 acre site on foot up until around 38wks. I was also racing to get all the DIY done and the garden tidy before the baby arrived.

I'm currently 18wks with DC2. I go to playgroup/softplay/park with DD and push her around town in her buggy to meet friends and eat cake. I take my daughter swimming once a week. I was working two days a week in the same occupation but with less walking but I've had to cut this down to around 5 days a month (I'm now self-employed). I'm trying to get as much of the DIY complete as I can. I do lift a lot of crisps into my mouth though, does that count? grin In my defence, I'm finding this pregnancy a lot tougher. An energetic toddler who thinks sleep's for wimps and quitters has totally finished me off, but I've found the symptoms/side effects (whatever you are supposed to call them) to be much worse too. To top it off I've started getting a fair bit of pain in my pelvis, which I have a sneaking suspicion will likely mean more work reduction. I'm giving that a few more days before I head to the doctor sad

Sophia1984 Wed 27-Jan-16 22:05:15

Before I got pregnant the first time I was training for the Great North Run. I continued training but miscarried at 7 weeks (totally unrelated - blighted ovum). I then ran the Great North Run and haven't been out since! I'm now 13 weeks and haven't done a single bit of exercise as I have felt so sick. I'm starting to feel better now so am considering jogging again but it's so cold and dark out there! I really want to do yoga as I have in the past but feel like I have to wait till a maternity yoga class will take me now!

Homerun23 Wed 27-Jan-16 22:24:30

I am currently 25 weeks and have been working out with a personal trainer 2-3 times a week throughout my pregnancy. From 12-13 weeks we dropped the impact stuff but we still do a fair bit of cardio and weights.

I also suffered with really bad all-day nausea for the first 11 weeks but no matter how bad I felt, the exercise always made me feel better (apart from on one occasion where I had to bend over a bush and wretch, much to my trainers horror!!)

This is my third pregnancy and the first one I have exercised throughout and I have to say it is really helping and I'm hoping that it will be easier and faster to lose the baby weight down the line!

The key is to do it safely, avoid core work and impact after the first trimester, and listen to your body. If something doesn't feel right or comfortable, then don't do it and change to another exercise.

Good luck!

Heirhelp Thu 28-Jan-16 06:39:39

I am embarrassed to post on this thread because before pregnancy I did not do any exercise.

Now at 26 weeks I go to pregnancy yoga and swim once a week. I was hoping to up swimming to twice a week by now but I work long hours and I have been visiting my Mum who is in hospital so I have not managed to fit it in. Hopefully when my Mum is home I will find the time to up the swimming.

tappitytaptap Thu 28-Jan-16 07:51:14

I am 31+5 and haven't run (used to be 3 times a week and did half marathons) since I found out because I felt really sick in the beginning. Carried on tap dancing once a week all the way through and started swimming a couple of times a week in the past few weeks which is really nice, takes the weight off my back. Baby does some proper wriggling after I've been usually!

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