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SPD chat on R4 now

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niceglasses Fri 21-May-04 10:11:15

for anyone interested

Bron Fri 21-May-04 10:26:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

beansprout Fri 21-May-04 10:26:35

ooh MI - is this the thing you were involved in?! Am at work and can't get to a radio - argh!!

applepie Fri 21-May-04 10:47:44

you can listen to these programmes again on the bbc radio website (sorry can't do link but simple to find on google)

niceglasses Fri 21-May-04 10:51:12

Sorry, I wasn't aware it was MI. If it was the lady with the 2 dds then she was very good I thought. I think I have mildly suffered from it this pg - my 3rd- and its been very painful at times. I think MI, if it was her, made the point well about how with so many other things going on with pg you just sort of get on with it.

Yeah, you can listen again to R4 on the web whilst you Mumsnet......bliss

beansprout Fri 21-May-04 11:25:13

That sounds like MI alright!!

How did it go MI - were you pleased with it?!

all the proud MNers xx

mumbojumbo Fri 21-May-04 13:18:21

Just listened to the SPD article on Womans Hour via the internet. Thought it was very good, very informative - wish I'd known about the condition when I was expecting ds1.

Well done Mother Inferior!

WideWebWitch Sat 22-May-04 12:04:10

About to listen again, it's here

motherinferior Sat 22-May-04 19:25:08

Oooh, I'm preening. And there I was getting huffy about the fact nobody on MN seemed to have heard it (do I need to get a life, do you think? Yes, that was me. In fact I suggested the piece as well (I've just written about it for one of the baby mags). Hadn't done any radio for AGES so boy was I nervous...but not as nervous as when I realised my parents now know I had it, when I careful concealed all knowledge from them!

Seriously, I really hope some listeners realised that they actually had a condition and that at the very least they could stop stressing it out further.

I'm so glad you liked it.

beansprout Sat 22-May-04 19:47:50

Go MI! Go MI!

serenequeen Sat 22-May-04 19:57:39

mi, i did listen again today - it was a great piece, thanks

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