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how can I tell a a sweep might be working?

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Kate91x Tue 26-Jan-16 22:13:36

so I'm 39 weeks today and had a sweep (I have very severe SPD and a chronic pain illness so instead of inducing me early the consultant suggested a sweep at 39 weeks and then I'm booked in a week today to be induced on my due date) I had the sweep at about 11am it's now 10pm iv been quite Crampy since the sweep but the last few hours all the crampyness seems to have stopped. Just would like to hear some people's experiences, did anyone get Crampy after the sweep then all stopped then you went into labour?

Jessjane123 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:07:31

Did not want to leave you unanswered. I was 2 weeks overdue, I know how frustrating it is waiting!
I had several sweeps. In my experience - depending on how "forceful" they are, it effects how uncomfortable you feel after. I had bloody discharge turning to brown later after each and cramps. I think sweeps do very little unless you are on the way already, in which case they speed things along. Sadly they did nothing for me.
Hang in there, ur little one is here no matter what!

squizita Wed 27-Jan-16 15:25:53

I didn't feel at all uncomfortable after mine, and spotted slightly. I wasn't presenting as ready anyway.

Then, 5 hours later I went into full on labour which was how I knew it had worked! grin

MYA2016 Wed 27-Jan-16 16:26:51

2 weeks ago I has a sweep on my due date at 10am and by the time I got home I had real crampy pains. Had an hour snooze, woke up still feeling crampy. At 3.40pm the same day I suddenly got a huge pain like someone had put a metal vice around my middle and clamped it. It actually made me grab the wall with my fingers. 2 mins later same again. And again 2 min after that. I was in full blown labour with little warning and my baby boy arrived a few hrs later. It was my first and I had no idea what to expect! I was actually in denial I was having contractions for 2 hrs as I was always expecting them to start about 20 mins apart! They didn't follow the nct class instructions lol
I hope you're not kept waiting too long :-)

Jenjen86 Wed 27-Jan-16 19:48:42

Hi everyone I have my 40 week appointment tomorrow, it is my first baby and I was wondering if they will offer tomorrow? If not do you think I will be able to request one and if so.would they do it then and there or would they book me in? Thanks

Kate91x Sat 27-Feb-16 04:05:53

Hey everyone just thought I'd update I know it's so late but the sweeps did nothing, I went in on my due date to be induced, I had the first 24hour pessary after 24 hour it hadn't done anything apart from make me have some very very light contractions, they said I had to wait 6 hours before putting in the second pessary after 6 hours they went to put in the next one and the midwife said oh your only 2cm but I can easily pop your water, so they didn't put the pessary in instead sent me down to labour ward and had my waters popped, popped my water at 10:30pm, after quite a few hours and not dilating much but having very regular strong contractions give me the drip. Witch they had to turn off as it was making contractions so so strong making me push at 7cm. Anyway I did quickly get to 10cm they didn't need to check me one minute I was 7cm next I was telling them I really needed to push but they were telling me I didn't. Until I started to push with contractions as I couldn't stop it then looked down below and could see his head! So they were flapping about getting there aprons on etc an there towels ready. Anyway 8:48am (10.5 hours after waters broke) he arrived at 9lbs 3oz and I used just gas the whole 10.5 hours of intense contractions AND I actually ditched the gas to push as it was putting me off making me push rubbish. He is now 3 weeks old and just beautiful. Xx

icklekid Sat 27-Feb-16 04:12:42

Congratulations kate enjoy your little boy flowers

firsttimemummy12345 Sat 27-Feb-16 05:41:48

congratulations. what you was saying about wanting to push at 7 cm I was like that at 6 and they kept telling me not to but I couldn't help myself so still done it anyway and there he was wanting to come out. I trusted my instincts not theirs and I was right like yourself haha smile hope you're enjoying your time with your little one

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