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pre eclampsia the signs!! Am I just paranoid

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karen01 Fri 21-May-04 09:16:07

hi all,
Yesterday at the hospital I had a trace of protein in my urine, which they said was nothing to worry about BP was 149/79 and I had swelling of the legs. The oedema normally comes on as the day goes on, however when i got up this morning my feet were twice the size as normal and oedema quite painfull. I also have a headache (which could be due to weather change) I have made an appointment to see nurse at 11.15 this am, am I over reacting.
I am 36wks

secur Fri 21-May-04 09:33:52

Message withdrawn

beansprout Fri 21-May-04 09:35:29

Hope everything's ok Karen01. Glad you are seeing someone this morning - let us know how you get on?
In the meantime - chocolate biscuit? (My answer to everything!)

Crunchie Fri 21-May-04 09:45:20

Karen, please don't worry, you have done the right thing going to see the nurse this morning. Pre-eclampsia when caught early is not a problem for you or the baby, and your BP isn't really THAT high. Bear in mind a 37 weeker is considered full term, so if there is a problem you baby will be absolutely fine I am sure.

I had pre-eclampsia but much earlier, and I know how you must feel - good luck

niceglasses Fri 21-May-04 09:47:00

(aka lazyeye)

Blood pressure doesn't sound too bad - its the second fig they worry about - so 79 is okay I think. Mine was higher than that yesterday.

They'll put you on bed rest if they are worried, but like everyone elses says, put your feet up NOW!!

I think the other bad sign as well as headaches (at the front of your head so I'm told) is some sort of gastric pain - but you get so much of that at this stage anyway its hard to tell.

I was borderline pre-ec with 1st so know a little bit but don't take my word - get checked out.

All the best pet

twiglett Fri 21-May-04 10:06:25

message withdrawn

exaussie Fri 21-May-04 10:40:46

Hi, can understand your, not paranoia. I had pre-eclampsia with my wee girl, now 3. She was induced at 34 1/2 weeks...but my blood pressure was 110, and I'd already spent 2 weeks in hospital on medication to keep it down. So, don't think BP is a problem with you yet. I also had major oedema (only place I got stretch marks during pregnancy was on my ankles!!!!!!!), and v. high protein. I am obviously no expert, but you have done the right thing in seeing your nurse. Yes, you may have the first signs, but doesn't mean it will get any worse. Early pre-eclampsia is treatable. Also, you are already 36 weeks, so bubba will be fine anyway. Keep us posted though - good luck. Just try to relax and trust the nurses looking after you.

karen01 Fri 21-May-04 13:23:27

Everything is ok. Just told to rest so I am off for a nap. Will have to make the most of DH for the next two days!!
Just been over cautious.

Thanks for the advice though.

Celou Fri 21-May-04 13:44:06

Better safe than sorry mate!! You did the right thing. We're lucky these days to be well documented so we can pick things up early on (when it's not too late), but sometimes it does make you feel paranoid. Personally, I'd rather feel paranoid from time to time (as long as it doesn't become chronic), than not knowing anything and ignoring any symptoms when it could be serious. I'm glad you're ok, I hope you enjoyed your well deserved sleep.

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