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32 weeks and feeling very underprepared for this baby

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scaredmum2be Tue 26-Jan-16 09:55:08

32+3 today and can't stop stressing that we have so much to do.
We are moving out the end of feb as that is when our contract ends and this place is not suitable for a newborn. It suffers from damp so we are moving.

We have:
Changing table and mat
Moses basket
Bottles/steriliser (going to try breast feeding but wanted this as a back up in case it gets too much)
Bouncy chair
Clothes we have :sleep suits and vests in newborn and 0-3, a few newborn hats and mitts and socks.
We have bibs, Muslin squares and blankets.

I feel like I'm missing so much eg
Pram/carry cot
More clothes (does a baby due March 19th need a pram suit etc) or will thick cardigans/jumpers do for then?

Is their anything else I am missing. I feel like I am missing so much.

ammature Tue 26-Jan-16 10:04:27

I don't think you are missing that much. Im 38 weeks. I think you could sort nappies with a trip to a supermarket and you don't need wipes at first just water and cotton wool. I'm planning to beast feed so have not bought formulas/bottles etc but suggest you should get some lanisoah for your nips! What about stuff for you? Can you pic up some maternity pads and stuff for your hospital bag? You could prob get every thing you need in one trip to a big supermarket.

MrsFlorrick Tue 26-Jan-16 10:35:06

You've got the majority sorted. Nappies and wipes are a 5min job in next supermarket shop.

The stroller/buggy/pram system can be ordered online. And to choose and try out a few, head to the nearest shopping centre with a John Lewis and a Morthercare. Or if you have one close by Kiddiecare.

And if you're struggling to choose, ask here on MN. There are lots of pram experts here who can give you the full review, good and bad. smile

TriJo Tue 26-Jan-16 10:41:19

I'm due the day after you OP - didn't bother with a pramsuit, got a jacket for 7 quid in Asda in 0-3 months, I have blankets, cardigans, little hats and socks and that will do us fine I think, I don't see the point in going for full-on heavy winter clothes for March/April in the SE. Check out the baby events in the supermarkets too and stock up on wipes etc when you see a good deal.

GastonsPomPomWrath Tue 26-Jan-16 10:41:41

You don't seem unprepared to me op.

As said upthread, wipes/nappies/formula is a quick supermarket job.

Get a car seat and leave the pram until baby arrives. I use my pram everyday because I walk literally everywhere, I can't drive. but if you drive more than you walk it won't matter for a while. Even if you walk a lot, you could get a sling which is a lot cheaper and less hassle than a pram.

Clothes wise, will people give you gifts? They usually do and then you end up with more outfits than the baby can physically wear! (you don't need a pramsuit) vests and sleepsuits are throw on/puke on/wash/repeat so for ease that's what I go with.

bluewisteria Tue 26-Jan-16 10:45:43

Just a few bits for you like maternity pads, disposable pads, big pants, pjs, wash kit etc for hospital bag. You don't need much at first.

We have just moved out, over Christmas as our house was practically falling down with damp. It was freaking me out. As soon as we made the move I relaxed as I could see where we would be with baby. Hopefully you will feel loads better when you move.

outputgap Tue 26-Jan-16 11:07:21

I'm 31 weeks and have 7 body suits, five vests, two hats, cardigan, pushchair/pram for which I need a new mattress, a tub bath, a sling and a changing mat. (This is dc3, but dc2 will not vacate the cot, and we have accidentally thrown out the base of the crib, rendering it useless!)

Am just about to do Mothercare online order in which maternity pads will be featuring heavily.

But will probably wait a bit to buy moses basket, blankets etc (we seem to have chucked these too).

You are really well prepared, honestly.

One of the best tips I had was to buy formula ready made up in cartons, as if breastfeeding is tricky during those first nights at home, you may want to top up. I fed with a cup, and it was a lifesaver, as my milk took 5 days to come in, and she was starving. If you're doing a supermarket trip, I recommend chucking a few of those in.

MercyPlease Tue 26-Jan-16 11:09:33

You need a buggy or pram.

Oter than that, dont stress. Anything else can be bought in 5 mins from Tesco by your other half grin

5hell Tue 26-Jan-16 11:50:58

I'm 31w and have less stuff ready than'll be fine, I figure all we really NEED to have ready is

a way to get it home (car seat, ordered)
a few clothes (received a big bundle from a friend and have bought a couple of new things)
nappies (have a bit of a cloth stash, need to get some disposables to ease us in gently)
somewhere for baby to sleep (this is my biggest gap!)
a way to feed it (boobs hopefully)

maybe the only things you (and I) definitely need to get are things for labour/post-labour

good luck smile

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