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Feeling anxious please help me relax!!

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fruityb Mon 25-Jan-16 20:39:23

I'm nearly 10 weeks pregnant. It's my first and it took us two and a bit years of trying to get here. At first my boobs were so painful but that's worn off a little lately, they only hurt morning and night really. I'm exhausted, I'm having hunger pangs all the time and I'm very hormonal! I keep having minor rages at work lol which the ladies in my dept find hilarious.

But until I have that scan in 3 weeks I cannot relax. It's almost like I can't let myself get excited in case it all goes wrong, and I know I shouldn't feel like this. I'm feeling bloated and having lots of symptoms but there's that niggle in the back of my head that almost tells me I'm making it up! I'm obviously not as two bfps and still no period as well as everything else is telling me otherwise.

Anyone else feel like this? I'm so excited for this and cannot wait to make my OH a father as he will be bloody amazing. I just guess part of me is scared of letting him down, which is absolutely not how he would feel.

Longer than I thought but helps to say it. smile

DontBuyANewMumCashmere Mon 25-Jan-16 20:47:16

Very normal. I couldn't let myself get excited until after the scans and after every one I gave myself a sort of pep talk about how I still might lose it and didn't buy any baby things until I was about 36 weeks!!!

You won't let your OH down, he's probably worrying about letting you down. Without a doubt he will be blown away when baby arrives at how much of a blimmin good mum you are.

I found being pregnant really hard, even though I didn't have too bad morning all day sickness I just had nausea all the time. I had awful pelvic and back pain and the tiredness! shock I've never been so tired in all my life. I'd rather give birth every day for 9 months than be pregnant.

So just do whatever you need to do to get by the next few months, eat what you need but don't eat for two, just eat what you can and have a bit of fruit sometimes.
Sleep whenever you need. Naps are great.
You're making a human with your fanny. You're already more productive than any man, ever.

fruityb Mon 25-Jan-16 20:55:42

The last sentence is brilliant!! Oh I'm stuffing fruit, I'm very good snack wise these days having been on slimming world in the past. Me and crisps are now only occasional friends.

I'm so excited but so nervous. But I am looking after me. Glad it's not just me. I want to enjoy being pregnant but without the constant stress. I'm sure it'll be fine but it's so nervy getting there!

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