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Am I pregnant? Period or implantation bleeding?

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DancingInTheRain86 Mon 25-Jan-16 04:47:45

Hey all, I just joined.
Sorry in advance if this post comes out long or a bit of a mess, I feel like my thoughts are a bit all over the place, lol.

Okay, so, here we go... lol.
My last period started on dec 30th, I usually bleed for about 5 days with day 1 starting out light-medium, days 2 and 3 being pretty heavy, day 4 being back to medium and day 5 being fairly none existent. So my next period is due on Wednesday Jan 27th....

From approx Jan 14th I have been getting a while array of random symptoms. The symptoms are as follows:

* Gas - lots of gas!
* Random acne on my face
* Sore boobs, like REALLY tender and painful, including sore nipples, and they seemed heavier than usual
* On and off abdominal and lower back pain
* Headaches .... frequent headaches... and paracetamol doesn't seem to help at all
* Tiredness... lots of it, I'm tired all day, even when I get a full nights sleep... and most nights I've been falling asleep between 6 and 8pm!
* Dizziness and vertigo - I suffer with these things any way, but they have seemed increased in frequency and severity lately.
* Hunger. SUCH HUNGER! All the time. I'm starving. Even like an hour after dinner.
* Increased libido. Arousal... seriously. Just strong feelings ''down there.''
* Increased sense of smell..... I think... lol.
* Aching legs, only at night time in bed
* Cravings? Maybe? I craved milk for a few days about a week ago, then it went away.
* Increased discharge
* Sweaty crotch? I think.... Unless it's just the increased discharge.
* Forgetfulness
* Bloating/stretched feeling
* Random coldsore
* Bleeding gums when I wasn't even brushing them
* On and off snottiness
* UTI type stinging BUT not during urination, only after urination

So yea... I've had a whole ton of random symptoms which would lead anyone to think they're pregnant, but, I had not had any nausea yet, which is weird cos the last 2 times I was preg I had A LOT of nausea.

But, this is where it gets more confusing for me...

So yesterday I started bleeding .... 3 days early. I never come on early. I always come on on either the day I am due on (day 28) or the day after. If I ever have come on early it's never more than a day.

But the bleeding seems weird, different to usual...

I started bleeding around 1pm (on Sunday, 24th). I noticed the blood when I went for a pee and it was on the tissue when I wiped. It wasn't loads but it did seem like the usual bit there is when you wipe when you're 1st starting your period. Then I didn't see any more blood for the next 3 hours (I wiped randomly a few times just to check), then I went to the toilet again, wiped before to check, NOTHING, pee'd, wiped again... and blood again :/ Then I wiped a few more times after that to check, and there was only a tiny bit of blood when I wiped a couple of times. I was getting quite a lot of period type pains in my lower abdomen and lower back, mild to moderate period pains.
Anyways. I went to bed, slept for approx 7-8 hours. When I woke up I leaned up, to see if there would be the usual day 2 gush of blood. It sounds gross but you ladies know what it's like, usually when you get out of bed on day 2 your period tends to just flow out of you. But ... it didn't :/ I wiped and there was a little bit of blood. I've wiped a few times over the past hour and a half since I woke up, and each time there has been a tiny bit of blood on the tissue... but nothing flowing out of me. I can't tell what the colour is, it seems kinda red but not bright red. But I have slight colour blindness, so it could be pink, brown or red, not sure! But, (sorry if TMI here), I had a bowel movement after I woke up... then about 30 mins later I got a strong pain in my lower abdomen, then I passed gass, felt like I was gonna poop myself so went back to the toilet... and low and behold... diarrhoea :/ Came back to my bed, another 2 mins later tummy pain again and tiny bit of diarrhoea. At the moment the tummy and back pains are back to mild, I'm getting a lot of hunger noises in my tummy, and I feel sick. I have felt sick for an hour and a half. For the 1st time since all this started. I am also sweating (underarms).

So, if you've stuck with my post for this long then THANK YOU. I am very confused by all of this.
So what do you guys think. Could this be implantation bleeding, or just some random period?
I took a Preg test this morning and nothing, not even a feint line! I don't know if that means I'm not pregnant, or it's just too early to test :/
Any advice or input is welcome because this all has me very confused, lol. Thanks smile

Doublebubblebubble Mon 25-Jan-16 06:38:41

All I can suggest is waiting until the 27th to yes x it certainly sounds as though you have a few symptoms although those symptoms can mean a few other things... X

Doublebubblebubble Mon 25-Jan-16 06:39:55

*test not yes lol

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 25-Jan-16 08:55:54

Thanks. The bleeding has got heavier, it's still only a tiny bit on the pad but when I wipe there is more than before. The tummy pains are pretty uncomfortable, they're not excruciating but they're strong enough that I'm using a hot water bottle for the pain for the 1st time in years. And I feel very tired despite a full nights sleep.
I'm very confused. I don't know if it's too heavy to be implantation, I'm scared at the idea of ectopic :/ And this is still way lighter (and earlier) than all my periods ever. So it's very confusing and quite freaking me out.

CarShare Mon 25-Jan-16 09:07:35

Test again when your period is due. No one will be able to tell you whether or not you're pregnant based on your post.

OTheHugeManatee Mon 25-Jan-16 09:19:13

Chances are you're not pregnant. Your pains could just be a tummy bug, and anxiety can throw your periods off. Test again in a couple of days though, 3 days early can be too soon to show a result.

TattieHowkerz Mon 25-Jan-16 09:25:02

I wouldn't read too much into the physical changes you are noticing, they seem a bit early to be pregnancy related. It is easy to get carried away and read too much into things (been there!). Combined with you having bleeding close to the time your period is due, and a negative pregnancy test, it doesn't sound very promising. But wait and test with a sensitive test (first response or Superdrug maybe) on Wednesday. Good luck.

DancingInTheRain86 Mon 25-Jan-16 11:39:08

Thanks TattieHowkerz.

These are the things that are concerning me:

I had VERY painful breasts about 2 weeks before I was due, they were particularly sore up the sides where the under arms are, and felt heavy with sore nipples. This was a lot more severe than (and too early to be) PMS. What could cause that?

My period (if that's what it is) has come 3 days early, I know that's not much, but it has never happened before. It is more painful than usual (very uncomfortable weird pain low down in my abdomen about an inch above the pubic bone, and lower back pain) and it is a lot lighter than usual. Too heavy to be implantation I believe, but way lighter than usual. I have had a pad on for hours and there's not much on it, yet every time I pee and wipe there is about the usual period amount of blood when I wipe. How is there the usual period blood when I wipe, but not on the pad? Usually day 2 is pretty heavy :/ Should I worry about this being ectopic pregnancy? Is it just a weird period like never before? If it is a period, what on earth would cause this?

tiggy2610 Mon 25-Jan-16 12:15:02

With a negative pregnancy test it's unlikely to be an ectopic pregnancy, if you are worried the only people who can advise are doctors.

Might just be one of those weird months

TattieHowkerz Mon 25-Jan-16 13:03:20

I don't know what could cause the breast pain. I've had similar when not pregnant, but everyone is different. If you have any symptoms of ectopic (e.g. one sided pain or shoulder pain) get medical help. Otherwise hopefully all will come clear later in the week. You could take a first response first thing in the morning tomorrow if you are really stressing.

TattieHowkerz Mon 25-Jan-16 13:04:15

I don't know what could cause the breast pain. I've had similar when not pregnant, but everyone is different. If you had enough pregnancy hormones to have symptoms 2 weeks ago I'd expect you to get a positive test now. If you have any symptoms of ectopic (e.g. one sided pain or shoulder pain) get medical help. Otherwise hopefully all will come clear later in the week. You could take a first response first thing in the morning tomorrow if you are really stressing.

TattieHowkerz Mon 25-Jan-16 13:07:13

Oops.. My computer is being weird.

pandasal Tue 26-Jan-16 18:49:30

Hi, I'm in a similar boat, its now four days before I am due on, my test is not showing anything, I feel nauseous, my head is spinning, I'm having some strange lower cramps, nothing like period pains, I feel bloated, unbelievably tired, I'm very emotional, cried because my partner had to nip out before coming home from work 🙈 I m always thirsty but always weeing too.. I've recently had like a cold kind of, runny nose, thing, not sure if that's relevant, do I sound like I could be pregnant to you? Any advice would be greatly appriciated Thanks in advance xx

fliswillis Thu 18-Feb-16 08:19:51

I have regular 28 day cycles, this month, we had intercourse on day 12, I then had bleeding on day 17, day 24 today and a negative early response test, any chance I could be pregnant or just random bleeding??

gcp2183 Tue 08-Mar-16 14:02:29

Hi I'm new to all this. Chat room stuff.

I'm a bit confused. I had my period on the 7/2/16 and it's usally about 4 days. My periods are usal quit heavy with some sorry blood clots. Me and my partner had unprotected sex every day that month. I was due on my period 6/3/16. I started bleeding a little bit on the 6/3 but not heavy at all. I woke up in morning and was still onay a little bit. By 2pm it was gone. So it lasted 1 1/2 days was this my period or implantation bleeding. I had no clots at all this time round.

BeardMinge Tue 08-Mar-16 14:56:47

Nobody on the internet can tell if you're pregnant or not, just do a test when your period is due.

KayTee87 Fri 11-Mar-16 11:50:58

I really wish something could be done about these posts.

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