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home birth after pre eclampsia in 1st pg

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MindfulBear Sun 24-Jan-16 22:06:32

I had PE at 40+3 with DS, 4 years ago. I'm now 19 weeks pg and wondering whether I can opt for a HB this time (I hate hospitals and would love to avoid one if I can).
I've been living overseas but am now back in the UK full time. Saw a gynae overseas who said I was very unlikely to get PE again as it happened so late last time and I'm 3 stone lighter than I was at the start of my 1st pg.

Anyone have any experience to share?

bluewisteria Mon 25-Jan-16 06:50:05

I had PE with my first and was cleared for a home birth, with a midwife team at St Thomas's in London.
I pushed a little for it and made it clear I wasn't hell bent on the prospect, all things being equal I would like to try.
In the end she didn't arrive and at 42 weeks they broke my waters in hospital and I delivered straight away. I then developed HELLP syndrome, post delivery PE, so was glad to be in. I'm now about to deliver dc3 in the next week and have PE again. It is very unusual but does happen so make sure you/they keep a really close eye.

The advantage of being part of caseload communist midwives with dd2 as I was booked for home birth, meant that I knew the whole team of 5 midwives. One of them came with me to deliver in hospital so I knew my midwife and it made a HUGE difference!

bluewisteria Mon 25-Jan-16 06:50:54

Communist?! Haha, community....

lastnightiwenttomanderley Mon 25-Jan-16 07:05:44

bluewisteria sorry to hijack the OPs post but I had to ask about your HELLP. I developed this with 4 month old DS. Not sure if there are diffevent severities but I had no PE until 37+4, no blood pressure issues but my PCR was through the roof - over 900 as opposed to the 30 odd required for them to worry. Had fluid on my lungs, kidney and liver failure and was a hair's breadth from haemofiltration.
Have recently been signed off as back to normal but would like another at some pount and was wondering how they approached your second pg?

Really sorry for the hijack mindful!!!

lastnightiwenttomanderley Mon 25-Jan-16 07:06:27

Oops, meant third!

bluewisteria Mon 25-Jan-16 07:58:37

The booking in midwife was great. We left London between DC2&3 so I'm under a completely different team, now in Devon so Exeter is my hospital. I was actually booked as low risk to my local midwife unit. They kept everything low key until my BP suggested otherwise. As soon as it started going up I was whisked off for regular blood/urine/BP checks, each week, sometimes twice a week.
I'm in hospital now as I woke up on Saturday and knew something was wrong by how I felt. So I've been here 2 nights, will be induced next Tuesday at 38 weeks assuming it all stays ok until then. My bloods and urine are so far normal, slightly raised urea in blood, but BP sky high and headaches. So I may be discharged on medication to rest at home for the week.

You have to follow your gut and err on the side of caution really. I'm happy I made it so far without any problems. I'm worried about post natal care as my experiences in london were dreadful, but I'm hoping that at a quieter hospital and as I'm already well on their radar, it will be ok. At least they are well aware of HELLP, I've met midwives who didn't really know about it...

There are definitely different severities, mine was nothing like yours, far milder. Post delivery high BP and protein essentially.

I was most worried about premature birth and slow growth rates in utero, but baby's growth is fine.

Just see how you feel in a year or two or more, I guess. I waited until dd2 would be 4 when dc3 is born as I had a just under 2 year gap with the first two. I definitely didn't want a baby and child at home, now the first two are at school I have been able to rest a lot more than I otherwise would have. Worth thinking about the timing if you can, make it as easy as possible on yourself!! And think about how you would manage if you were ill for a month or two, with new born in tow plus 2dc. We knew no one when we moved here, luckily new friends have bee fabulous and we have 2 grandmothers who can come at a moments notice and help for as long as we need.

MindfulBear Mon 25-Jan-16 22:31:23

Thank you for sharing. That is really interesting. I will push along with the HB plan and see now it goes. I like the idea of having a MW I know, even if I end up in hospital.
My mum had PE with me and my 3 other siblings which increases my chance anyway so will just see how it goes.
Out of interest did you take aspirin during all your pregnancies as a pre caution?

bluewisteria Mon 25-Jan-16 22:59:40

Yes definitely go for it, just trust yourself, keep an open mind just in case it doesn't work out so you aren't disappointed.

I was only prescribed aspirin in this pregnancy, not my others. It seems to vary from consultant to consultant on whether to prescribe. However I have developed problems weeks earlier than my other two. I had to stop taking aspirin at 36 weeks as it isn't recommended beyond that point. And my problems have started within a week of stopping it, so perhaps it really helped. If I hadn't taken it maybe this would happened earlier, who knows. But being 37 weeks tomorrow means this is all so late in pregnancy that baby should be fine.

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