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Gallstones and pregnancy

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Hollyd619 Sun 24-Jan-16 14:16:11

Hi just wondering if anyone has been in the same position as me. I'm currently pregnant with baby no2 and both pregnancy before finding out I was pregnant has suffered with gallbladder attacks. This time was severe and ended up in hospital with pancreatitis this is where they did a test and told me I was expecting and I had gallstones. I am awaiting a date to have my gallbladder removed but the fear of the attacks is putting me off ever wanting anymore children.

socktastic Sun 24-Jan-16 17:03:51

I can sympathise, I had my gallbladder out in August and the attacks were just awful. Like you, I was hospitalised with my last attack - although it wasn't as bad as developing pancreatitis. And I wasn't pregnant at the time. I can however tell you that since having the gallbladder out I have not suffered at all since, I can eat what I like with no fear of blinding belly pain!

Once it is out, your life will be so much better so please don't let it interfere with any of your life plans!

RosieTheCat Sun 24-Jan-16 18:06:12

I had gallbladder attacks when I was pregnant with my first I actually thought the more mild attacks to begin with were twinges and when I had my first bad one at 8months ish I thouhgt I was going into labour

They took mine out when DD was 2 months old as I couldnt fucntion but I had to push for this, get your HV and midwife on side to get it out as soon as you can after Baby is born

If you want to try to control it for now then change how you eat a full tummy can trigger it as can fatty foods, salad was my worst offender though, half your meal size but eat more often, have a food diary and note your triggers then avoid them, avoid all fatty food in large amounts

I still have issues but this is now being blamed on allergies more tests to come but I can eat reasonably normaly

Runningbutnotscared Sun 24-Jan-16 19:39:41

as Rosie says the best way to avoid gallstone attacks is to change your diet - avoid fatty food, processed meat, fried food etc.
I was hospitalised once with gallstones - one of the most painful episodes of my life, painful enough for me to eat more fruit and veg and ditch the cream!

I had a small relapse when pregnant with dc1 and OMG it was awful - I really can't eat what I want while pregnant. I'm pregnant again and really being careful this time.

They offered to remove my gallbladder but the way I see it I could either have it removed and have to watch my diet or keep it, avoid surgery, and watch my diet. I went with the non surgical option.

Hollyd619 Mon 25-Jan-16 15:36:18

They have offered to take it out during pregnancy after the 12 week period but I've never had surgery and the only time I've had attacks have been when I just find out I'm pregnant so now I just assosciate being pregnant with having to put up with dreadful pain. So a future pregnancy weither the gallbladder is out or not is just off putting.

MissTink Tue 26-Jan-16 01:55:27

Hi, I had it in my first pregnancy and found out my gallbladder was releasing sludge that caused liver problems and pancreatitis. The hospital wanted to remove it but I refused the operation as didn't want to put baby at risk after many MC. As a result spent much of my pregnancy in hospital and in pain as soon as my son was born the symptoms stopped. I'm now 27 weeks with second baby and the pain has started again and it's excruciating. I will not have any more children until it's removed as I have never known pain like it I have no words of advice apart from have regular blood tests to make sure it's not causing other issues to your organs.

BoxofSnails Tue 26-Jan-16 02:35:55

For now - low fat - you may need to count grams and get below 25-30g a day (the usual recommended amount on foods is 70g so this can be tough! If it settles and you can cope then safest to wait until afterwards to have it out.

It's not quite as simple as Running says as if you keep your gb you will keep your stones and always be at risk of an attack which may lead to pancreatitis or ascending infection which are serious health risks.

Hope the rest of your pregnancy is straightforward. Congratulations, also!

Hollyd619 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:17:21

Just thought i would update, im due for surgery next saturday the 5th of march, i have my pre op on monday 29th feb and am hoping they will put my mind at rest about any concerns to the baby, in my view they wouldnt do it if it wasnt safe and ive been reading up on it and am not too nervous now. Im strangely excited! ive never had surgery and and never been under general anaestetic so im excited to experience it. ive had abt 4/5 gallbladder attacks since leaving hospital in december so im pleased to have it out. will let u all know how it goes next week. xx

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