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Amniotic fluid or just lots of discharge??

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gemsparkle84 Sat 23-Jan-16 23:53:47

Sorry ladies but have to ask...

Yesterday evening my knickers became rather wet and I had a wet patch the size of my fist (I have been having lots of discharge and also have a feeling I have thrush which isn't helping- GP has prescribed me something which I am yet to use)... Anyway this was rather unusual just given the amount as it seemed to be a lot of discharge all in one go although usually mine is whitish and I couldn't notice any particular colour/ texture it appeared very thin. I showed my husband and he agreed although reassured me it was probably just discharge (it definitely wasn't urine). Rather than make a fuss I agreed with myself to keep an eye on it and see if it happened again which it hasn't. I've just been getting the usual whitish discharge in small amounts but very regular.

Anyway sorry for going on. I guess I just want some reassurance I've done the right thing in not getting checked? I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant. Surely it would of happened again by now if there was a rupture of my waters?

Thanks for any info x

Cherryberry1 Sun 24-Jan-16 00:04:08

This happened to me at roughly the same time during my first pregnancy. I was sure I had a bad bout of thrush at the time and I did not want to make a fuss over nothing.
When I nonchalantly mentioned the thrush and discharge to my mum she told me I had to go to get it checked over (DM is a midwife) and DH agreed. Both of my sisters who have children agreed and nobody understood why I wasn't taking it more seriously.

Long story short, I went to the assessment centre and it Was a nasty bout of thrush but all of the midwives and doctors I saw told me I should have gone in sooner just to be absolutely certain.

I would advise any woman to go and get checked over. That in itself will provide you with a lot more reassurance, and honestly, these places exist to make sure you and your baby are healthy/safe. You do Not need the hassle of constantly having those niggling thoughts at the back of your mind.

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