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1/22 risk following Down's syndrome screening.

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Herbieyerbie Sat 23-Jan-16 21:44:52

I am 38 years old and this is my third pregnacy.
I have an eight year old daughter and a five year old son. I was on the pill when I fell pregnant this time.
However, after the initial shock wore off, we are delighted to be adding to our family again.
I am now 12 plus 6 weeks pregant and all was going really well until I had my nuchal scan and bloods this week.
The scan was fab and no abnormalities seen at all. measuring exactly right for dates etc and a nuchal fold measurement of 2.2mm which I was told is normal for the gestational age.
So I had the bloods done and went away one contented chick....until a phone call 48 hrs later from the hospital telling me I had come back high risk at 1/22.
I started at 1/169 for my age so I had a feeling I might be borderline but I never imagined it would be so bad. My Papp a is 0.5mom and my HCG is 2.6mom.
I went in the next morning to discuss this with the midwife but no explanation was attempted as to why my bloods might be as they are.
I panicked and cried and cried some more!
I understand that I still have a 94% chance that all will be fine but it still doesn't stop my brain being in overdrive.
We decided to go and pay for the Harmony test and had that the same afternoon. We are now in that horrible waiting for results bit, it is torturous!
The Harmony doctor was very reassuring and was confident as the scan was good that bloods can be wonky for a number of reasons and my blood results are not outside of the normal range, on the outside margins but not outside of normal!!
I am trying to cling onto and thread of hope and goggling everything I can find. I guess I am just after anyone else's experiences who have found themselves in our shoes before and what was the outcome?
Good or bad I need to be prepared as at the moment I can only think about the phone call I am awaiting next week when the doctor is going to tell me I am the unlucky one in the 22!!!
Sorry for the essay......nerves all round!
Thank you I advance to anyone that can help try and keep me sane. X

GiraffeHouse Sat 23-Jan-16 21:52:17

My risk was one in six for my first pregnancy. Had chorionic villus sampling and got the all clear. Yes it's a stressful time but I knew I had to know for sure one way or the other. The hospital were very good and phoned me as soon as the result came through, so it wasn't a long wait.
Hand holding for you...

primarynoodle Sat 23-Jan-16 21:55:19

Hi herbie.

I am in the same boat but worse (1/13 for me). All i can say is since i got the result nearly 4 weeks ago i have done nothing but research and the vast majority of peoples stories have had positive outcomes! Unfortunately the only way to know if you are 'the one' is to get the results back. Me and dp cant afford the harmony at all so ive had to wait for the amnio which is on thursday - i cant tell you how stressful its been, i dont know how long harmony results take but is it quite quick?

Your papp a isnt too low which is good, did the sonographer mention seeing a nasal bone?

Praying its a good outcome for you xx

Everythingstaken Sat 23-Jan-16 22:19:24

Hi Herbie, I could have written your post a few months ago! It's been such a roller coaster of emotions and one of the hardest times I have experienced so I really emphasise. Our circumstances are almost identical apart from I am 40 and had slightly different results which led to a 1:15 risk. The scan and nuchal were 'normal' at 1.5mm it was my blood results that caused the high risk. I decided to have an amino which in was very stressful and worrying but I felt I needed to know conclusively what I was facing. In hindsight I now do believe I would have been happy with the harmony as a test but the amino was the path I took at the time. Anyway my results came back with no trisomy issues found. So please try to keep positive - easier said than done I know!! I was so affected by the whole situation I didn't tell anyone except my parents that I was expecting until after the 20 week scan - even my children, fortunately I wasn't showing! I do hope everything works out for you - sending hugs.

Everythingstaken Sat 23-Jan-16 22:23:19

I forgot to mention the team at ARC were amazing, so supportive and kind.

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