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Considerphebas Sat 23-Jan-16 17:36:55

Hi, I'm currently 11 weeks and despite having no previous problems with blood pressure (apart from developing pre-eclampsia in a previous pregnancy) my blood pressure has been high for the last 2 weeks (peaked at 120/110) so I'm now on labetalol 200mg a day and its slowly bringing my blood pressure back down.
The only problem is I feel utterly awful on it- heart burn, the shakes, feeling weak, double vision and vertigo. I took it in my last pregnancy but by the time I started I was signed off work and nearing the finishing line so it wasn't so bad!
Any experience of how long it takes for the symptoms to die down? I can't imagine feeling like this for the next 7 months and as I have a physically and mentally demanding job I can't think how I'll cope- I want to go back to work ASAP but currently only feel vaguely OK if I stay still!
I've also had 3 previous miscarriages so the whole thing is making me pretty anxious, which means the doctor just tells me I need to relax, which doesn't really help!

goodnightdarthvader1 Sat 23-Jan-16 18:02:09

I'm on it, and have been feeling rough (but not as bad as you). I suggested to the doc that it might be causing some of my symptoms and she insisted it wouldn't do that (although a beta-blocker I was on 5 MONTHS AGO would, she said). She eventually admitted that it was the best one for me to be on in pregnancy, which is why, I assume, she was determined to pretend I wouldn't have the side effects which ARE LISTED ON THE PACKAGING.


Anyway, I had no symptoms at the start and they gradually built, so unfortunately I have no useful advice to offer, just flowers

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