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Pregnancy moan - 35 weeks.

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Georgeofthejungle Sat 23-Jan-16 10:40:23

Just wanting to moan really (no tell offs for being a brat please).

I had a trip to the midwife day before yesterday who told me babe was 3/5 engaged but had its back to my right and legs in the left. She said plenty time for it to move and to do some floor stuff, on my ball etc.and that would encourage it to switch round. I've spent a couple days doing as suggested and refraining from slumping in my seat and now I feel so uncomfortable and have a new pain between my legs. Like my bones hurt. I think baby hasvswitchedveound as the kicks I'm feeling have shifted to the other side of my tummy but I also think its head may have engaged further and that's what's causing the pain.

I'm getting a lot of period like cramping and last night my mid back was so sore it woke me up and I had to shift about to try and ease it.

I'm not happy because before I was slouched and comfy and now I'm being sensible and sore sad <spoiled>

P.s. I'm very proud of my little babe for being almost engaged so early on.

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