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Induction/C Section question and advice.

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darrenwis Fri 22-Jan-16 19:44:44


My partner has had 2 sweeps so far, 3rd tomorrow and cervix is closed. Due to be induced on Sunday which we didn't want to happen.

Her mum had the same experience and had 2 c sections.

Could we opt for a c section? What are the chances of induction not working, filling the body with needless drugs and ending up with a emergency c section anyway?

We just want the safest route for baby to be here. Currently 10 days overdue.

Appreciate any advice.

Many thanks.

bluewisteria Fri 22-Jan-16 19:51:24

I imagine the hospital want the safest route possible too, so I assume they feel this is it.

Not all induction is bad. I was induced with my first and she arrived within 7 hours of pessary going in and only a bit of gas and air. You just don't know what will happen till you try I'm afraid.

You could talk through with your midwives a plan of action on being induced, and ask them for statistics.

I assume apart from not arriving, everything is fine? IE no reason for a c-section delivery you can think of? Remember it is major abdominal surgery so not a light decision either. I imagine you can google to find out what percentage of indictions end up in c-sections.

bluewisteria Fri 22-Jan-16 19:51:37


TheOddity Fri 22-Jan-16 20:14:00

You also don't have to accept the induction. They can keep an eye on the health of the placenta via various methods now, even if only for a couple more days. Full term is different for different women and even six extra hours can make a big difference. If her mum also had long pregnancies, I'd be tempted to hold out on the induction as long as everything looks healthy, as they do say inductions tend to go pretty well when you are close to a spontaneous birth anyway.

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