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Placenta covering OS at 32 weeks - want info on bleeding!

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typolisa Fri 22-Jan-16 11:13:09

I know I've seen threads on this but I can't see any after about 2013!

I am getting scared!! I don't drive and I live about 45mins from the hospital by bus. Not sure a taxi will want to take me if I'm bleeding! If I do start bleeding is this something I can call an ambulance for? Or just get a cab? Do you phone the hospital first and tell them you're coming?! And if I'm at work (hours away from my hospital) do I call the nearest hospital and go there?!

I know and hope there will be no bleeding but... it sounds like it's pretty common/likely?

I had my 32 week scan yesterday and they said the consultant would call me to discuss a birth plan - I assume this means C-section? I feel I am guessing and assuming a lot! Should I talk to the midwife about this? Or someone at the hospital? Or the health visitor!!! I seem to have so many contacts and I don't know who I'm meant to speak to about what.

Up until now I've actually been really calm, but today I know I am coming across as a crazy woman. Sorry! I'm very tired!!!

Sunshine511 Fri 22-Jan-16 12:44:26

Hi there, unfortunately I don't have any info on this so I can't be of much help. It might be an idea to call your midwife, she may be able to answer most of your questions. If there's anything she can't answer, I'm sure she'll be able to point you in the right direction. Hope you get some answers soon x

Junosmum Fri 22-Jan-16 13:40:13

Bleeding due to placenta previa is rare, however if you do bleed you need to get to the hospital asap. Call a taxi if the bleeding is mild - moderate, just don't tell them you are bleeding and wear a maternity pad (you'll need one anyway to show the hospital how much you are bleeding).

If you are bleeding more than can be contained in a pad for the hour you'll be wearing it then you need to call an ambulance.

If you are at work, again follow the advice above - mild to moderate, go to your hospital, if it's ambulance worthy then they will decide where to take you.

(I had a small bleed at 28 weeks, I know how scary it is).

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