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Does this need checking out?

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lozengeoflove Thu 21-Jan-16 21:06:48

I'm 27 weeks and experiencing hideous pains, like a mix between awful period pains, when it's just about to start and also a little bit like start of contractions. I had this at Christmas too and it went away after a few days. Seems much more painful and pronounced today. Hurts more when walking or moving legs apart.

What could this be? Braxton Hicks? Stretching pains? Definitely didn't have this in last pregnancy so not sure if it's normal or not and no idea of I need to go and get it checked out.

Any advice is most appreciated.

MrsGlam Thu 21-Jan-16 21:10:33

Sounds like Pelvic pains..or SPD..
I have the same period like feelings and pain on walking and moving legs apart.
But always get checked out if your worried.

Haggisfish Thu 21-Jan-16 21:10:40

I'd def get it checked out. Could just be uti. Or spd.

Shirkingfromhome Thu 21-Jan-16 21:12:53

Get it checked out. They'd much rather see you and make sure you're ok then you leave it and it turns out you need help.

MrsGlam Thu 21-Jan-16 21:13:21

I found this helpful when looking for answers see if any of it rings a bell for you smile

lozengeoflove Thu 21-Jan-16 21:20:13

Wouldn't be surprised if it's PPGP - I get the burning hips pain when I lie down on my side. Thank you for the link. Perhaps I've over done it carting wriggling toddler around.

Think I'll call and see what they say at my hospital if doesn't get any better tonight. Have hideous visions of them telling me I'm in early labour sad

MrsGlam Thu 21-Jan-16 22:14:44

I think it would be better to get seen..I went in at 23 weeks and the said it was SPD...They were happy to put my mind at rest because of previous late losses.

lozengeoflove Thu 21-Jan-16 22:22:30

MrsGlam I'm sorry to hear about your losses flowers
I can feel the baby wriggling about so have just gone to bed to rest and will definitely go in tomorrow if I still feel pain.

MrsGlam Thu 21-Jan-16 22:35:46

Thank you smile
Glad you can feel baby..It's so reassuring when you do!
Please do if your worrying smile

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