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Graco evo avant, Graco evo xt, Icandy raspberry?

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GlasgowPingu Thu 21-Jan-16 16:40:41

Finally starting to think about a pram but as a first-time mum am a bit clueless. Ideally would like a pram that could be used with a carrycot (which can be used for at least occasional sleeping) for a very small person, and then convert to a buggy once small person is a bit bigger (and a reversible one, so they could face us or the world would be great).

Have done some research on-line and these three buggies seem to fit the bill and have decent reviews, but was wondering if any of you lovely people had any opinions.

In particular - Is the graco evo xt worth the extra money over the graco evo avant? (from what I can see the xt seems to have slightly more robust wheels, but that's about it?)
- Is the car seat that goes with the graco evo avant really as dire as some reviews suggest?
- Are you paying for the brand with the icandy or is the build quality/design/usability better? And if so, is it worth the extra?

Suggestions of alternative prams which would fit our requirements and not bankrupt us would also be welcome smile

AltCarbon Thu 21-Jan-16 17:22:15

I wouldn't want to give advice on pram buying as it's all so subjective but just so you know, you don't have to get the rubbish car seat with the Graco's - we have the XT and used an older but really well reviewed Graco car seat model (still available brand new) and it fitted fine with the right adapters. We had the Graco Logico S HP stage 0 car seat but the Graco Junior Baby stage 0 fits too.

Also the normal EVO accessories fit the XT model

Jenjen85 Thu 21-Jan-16 18:28:53

I have the normal graco evo and I love it. Did want an oyster or icandy but found the Graco so much easier. It's personal preference I suppose. Best bet is to go to a store that has all models you want and have a good play at putting up/down

hellsdells82 Fri 22-Jan-16 01:03:04

Somewhere inbetween sizes isthe graco sky but its only sold in toys r us. Nt as big the xt and not quite as dainty as the evo. I used a graco junior baby carseat with my dd so have gone back to that. We brought the carseat and pram from toys r us and it comes with the part you need for the carseat too. I did like the icandy systems but found it expensive considering bu around 12/18monts you usually buy a stroller. Xx

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