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pubic bone pain

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LimesMum Wed 20-Jan-16 21:51:18

Please can anyone recommend a support belt for spd/ severe pubic bone pain. I'm only 16 weeks pregnant and it's already really bad so looking at support belts just not sure which to get as there are loads of different types.


OhShutUpThomas Wed 20-Jan-16 21:57:03

Go to the midwife and ask for an urgent referral for physio. It really helps. Also, get some crutches and use them when you're bad.

I feel for you. I've had it badly through 2 pregnancies, and currently 8 weeks and waiting to see if it will start again!

Your physio will be able to give you or recommend a belt that will suit you. Also, you'll find that you have good days and bad days, it all depends on hormones I think. Make sure you rest on bad days.

Also, ask your midwife/physio to show you good ways to get up/get out of the car/turn over in bed etc.

It's crap, but if it's any consolation then with my two, it disappeared the moment they were born.

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