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London Baby Show Feb 2016

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HD18 Wed 20-Jan-16 21:25:16

Anyone been before? I've just booked tickets and wondered if it's good and anything in particular I should look out for while there? Hoping to get a good deal on a pram. Thank you.

Melinda76 Thu 21-Jan-16 14:29:39

I've got tickets for this too am hoping to get some great deals as haven't bought anything yet! smile

MaryEllen1 Thu 21-Jan-16 14:41:50

Went to the one in October at olympia, got some great bargains there. Little tip don't be afraid to ask for the price of the display models, we got a Chicco next to me crib for £100 when they were selling them for £150!

LucilleLeSueur Thu 21-Jan-16 16:13:04

We went in 2010 when I was heavily pregnant with my first. I got a free Tens machine out of it, because my (bought on ebay secondhand) one was too old for the pads. Didn't buy anything else though - it was mostly for the fun of it.

That's the first place I ever saw a Stokke buggy though - loved it so much I bought a secondhand one six months later on ebay.

Bargains to be had if you're actually in the market for furniture etc I would think.

BurningGubbins Thu 21-Jan-16 16:55:43

Yep, definitely worth a look though it can be a bit overwhelming having all these must-buy products thrust at you. Do your research in advance so you know how much of a deal you're getting. It gets hot in there so have breaks and drinks.

HD18 Thu 21-Jan-16 16:56:55

Thanks ladies! I'm looking forward to having a mooch around. I've made a list of things I need so will check prices before I go so I know if I can get a better deal before i go x

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