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Being clumsy

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LilyRose16 Wed 20-Jan-16 13:08:11

Im almost 34 weeks and for the last couple of weeks i've been so clumsy in general day to day life. Anyone else finding this?

It's starting to annoy me now, i'm forever dropping things, walking into stuff and forgetting where i've left things. Im covered in bruises!

I opened a cupboard door the other day forgetting that i have a massive bump and whacked the corner of the cupboard door into my belly, i have a massive bruise to show for it! (Along with all the rest). DH doesn't even react to my shouts any more, i get a knowing look as if to say 'what have you walked into now'.

Maybe it's a symptom of lack of sleep and coordination just doesn't exist anymore! Oh well, luckily im on the countdown!

AmyLouKin Wed 20-Jan-16 13:21:55

It's not just you! I'm 36 wks and some days I feel like my hands don't work properly and on my last day of work I managed to whack the shredding bin with my hip so hard it shifted the whole (rather heavy) bin!
I used to be able to turn sideways to get past people and not being able to do that anymore, sort of throws my brain out, I think! It can't get used to the fact that I'm now wider from front to back rather than side to side! Lol. Can't wait to get back to normal!
You are not alone Lilyrose.

wonkylegs Wed 20-Jan-16 13:30:44

I'm 24 weeks and am getting a bit clumsy, it's partly because I'm not sleeping so am permenantly knackered but also I have a huge bump which I keep forgetting's there.
I'm not usually a messy eater but keep dropping food, I guess because i can't get close enough to the table and the now giant boobs seem to catch it hmm

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