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Missdusk Wed 20-Jan-16 10:11:22

Tomorrow I go in for induction. Baby is 11 days late and its time he were evicted smile I've had everything packed for a while but this evening we are going though to double check it all. Suggestions on what you guys think should be in there would be super! In particular I want to ake sure I take enough for baby. How many nappies should I pack? How many changes of clothes? Should I take blankets? I have a gro-snug should I take that?
Thanks Guys!

Everythinggettingbigger Wed 20-Jan-16 11:33:48

Congratulations! Exciting time grin

I would say the big thing for me with my first was I didn't have enough babygrows with me! I took 4, 3 first size out of one pack (which I think were marked wrong and were definitely tiny baby....he was 6lb 11oz to give you an idea of sizes) and one single which was also first size, also from next but a lot bigger. 4 x vests, a cardigan, some hats and mits. I had him at 4.50pm but had had an epidural so it was 8pm before I was moved to the ward. He managed to stay in the first babygrow all this time. When I was put on the ward my DP had to leave due to the time, I had 3 babygrows left, my DS vomited that much through the night bringing mucus up and other stuff he had swallowed by the time it was morning and suitable for my DP to come back I had to get him to bring another pack of babygrows in with him! the last one which was the single one was swimming on him and then he vomited on it anyway blush he was just wrapped in a blanket until my DP came to the rescue!

(sorry went on a bit there!!)

I've switched hospitals this time and they have advised 8 babygrows (in a couple of sizes) 8 x vests (again in a couple of sizes), preferably babygrows with mits built in because the loose ones fall off, and a couple of cardigans. A full pack of nappies (newborn/size1) and some cotton wool, they don't like you to use wipes. and a hat! They said they don't bath them anymore but if I wish to do so then I should bring my own baby shampoo etc but anything else other than that is unnecessary. Also check about if you need to bring milk (if you aren't breast feeding) or if the hospital provides it.

For you, check if the hospital provides towels (mine does), shampoo, face wipes, make up (amazing how much better you feel getting freshened up), phone charger, camera, knickers and plenty of them, cheap ones you can bin! plastic bags to put your dirty clothes in, nightie or tshirt to give birth in, socks, proper slippers and a dressing gown, bobbles, deodorant (basically pack as if you are going on a weekend away but don't forget maternity pads and breast pads! even if you aren't planning on breast feeding they may still leak)

sorry long post! if I have missed anything useful im sure someone else will help!

nicolesmith12 Wed 20-Jan-16 12:15:59

Good luck for when the time comes, i would pack a variety of sizes between small baby and 0-3, with my first one i went in thinking i was only having a little baby so pnly packed clothes for him (vests hats mits sleepsuits ect) thinking he would fit, surprisingly he came out a 9 pound baby and had no hope of fitting in them, for yourself defo take thick pads, breast pads and comfy clothing

Missdusk Wed 20-Jan-16 17:56:20

Hmmmmm Im just thinking about baby clothes now and previously ive had 3 first size and 3 0-3 packed... they estimated him to be just shy of 9lb at 39+6 so im guessing im probably not gonna need the first size (very glad i only bought one pack of these). Im gonna go pick some others to pack now i think. Its been quite frustrating the only list ive been given says 2/3 changes of clothes but everyone has said that is nowhere near enough!
I have a slight advantage in that the hospital is at the bottom of my road (literally 5 mins away) so it wont be too much of a pain for my partner to be running back and forth haha!

nicolesmith12 Wed 20-Jan-16 18:24:52

i only took 2 changes of clothes woth my first one, the way my
hospital works is no matter what time u give birth aslong as u and baby are well u get discharged 6 hours later which i found great at the time bug now regret not spending the first night in there alone with baby for extra bonding

Missdusk Wed 20-Jan-16 18:42:45

I want out quick but at the same time because im breastfeeding I dont want to leave until ive got that sorted. Ive just packed some extra. I'm now probably slightly over prepared but oh well! I have 3 first size and 6 0-3months sleepsuits!

OwlinaTree Wed 20-Jan-16 20:05:57

Nighties for you you can breast feed in easily, ones with buttons at the front.


Stick a load of baby clothes in the car/easily accessible at home if you are that close so your dp can just grab more easily.

Magazines etc to read, lots of waiting about if you are being induced.

unimaginativename13 Wed 20-Jan-16 20:15:33

0-3 is usually 10-14lb. We made that mistake and our 7lb 4 baby had no clothes. He was in tiny baby.

Take newborn/ one month clothes you will be fine my chunk was in them till 12lbs and is in 0-3 at 15lbs.

Make sure you have
plenty of maternity pads (expensive ones)
Food because inductions are boring
iPad/ book/ magazine
Breast pads
Formula starter kit in car just in case
Lots of PJ as they get covered in gel from monitoring and pessaries.
Put an extra pile of clothes somewhere at home that OH will find if needed.
Lots of knickers
General washing stuff
Dressing gown
Cotton wool
Size 1 nappies - take a wad then stash some in car or home
Nipple cream
Squash to flavour the water

Everythinggettingbigger Wed 20-Jan-16 20:36:21

They told me my DS was at least 9lb even while I was pushing.....all 6lb 11oz of him arrived and shocked them all.....they can get it wrong so best to be prepared! Good luck 😊

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