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feeling agitated

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applesvpears Wed 20-Jan-16 01:02:15

I can't sleep. My body feels restless, I feel sick, I have heart burn, sugar level is slightly higher then normal and I am so so over tired. I have work tomorrow, my OH has moved to spare room because my fidgeting was keeping him awake ( he also has work tomorrow with lots of travelling). I generally feel rubbish and wanted a moan sad

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 20-Jan-16 01:24:08

Same here! I've got restless legs and have had about 4 trips to the loo already tonight. My OH is away overnight so he will be sleeping fine but isn't here to make me feel better :/
Hope you get some sleep soon!

applesvpears Wed 20-Jan-16 01:30:55

I hope so too and I hope you do also. I am really itchy too. I worked 8 till 8 today so I may be over tired. Roll on maternity leave... !

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 20-Jan-16 01:43:31

I think it's being over tired that does it. Difficult to combat with work and a 4 year old!
I'm 17 weeks so got a while before maternity leave but I'm already looking forward to it!

madsaz76 Wed 20-Jan-16 01:45:39

Me too. Noisy head, heart burn, active bump & spd

Mainly worrying cos I have lots to do and not enough time but can't do more than 45 minutes spurts of activity.

Toying with going downstairs to sort some washing out but can't decide if that will help or hinder.

Have developed excellent sleeping skills through the years, finding this very dissapointing

applesvpears Wed 20-Jan-16 01:56:12

I have never been the best sleeper but this is beyond dreadful. I have debated having a bath, but just cannot be bothered to move. I usually am in the gym a fair bit but have been working so much to get sorted before maternity leave so not been able to get there, that isn't helping either I bet. I almost wish someone would knock me out confused

madsaz76 Wed 20-Jan-16 02:08:08

Bath may be a good call for me. I would give it a go if I could be bothered to move....

GothicRainbow Wed 20-Jan-16 02:50:14

I'm in the same boat, attempted to sleep at 11pm and haven't managed any yet. I'm 30 (nearly 31) weeks and have terrible reflux tonight and itchy restless legs that's making sleep impossible.

My DH had only 4 hours last night due to work so I've now come downstairs to sleep on the sofa in an attempt to let him get a decent night plus I'm hoping being more upright will help my reflux

Heirhelp Wed 20-Jan-16 06:53:03

Apples pears - being itchy is a red flag, you must ring your maternity unit ASAP.

applesvpears Wed 20-Jan-16 07:14:30

I didn't get any sleep in the end and am not going to work. I am itchy because I have dry skin from the cold. I get it every year when it's freezing.

GothicRainbow Wed 20-Jan-16 08:07:17

I hardly got any sleep either. Feeling abit zombie like this morning. Think it's going to be a long day with my toddler!

Apples I'm assuming you've got a good moisturiser sorted already but I've been using Epaderm cream (my DS' for his skin) on my dry itchy skin and it's been working lovely.

Everythinggettingbigger Wed 20-Jan-16 11:38:57

22 weeks and on countdown for Mat leave!! 15 weeks to go yet!

never really been a good sleeper but this is just horrendous! restless legs and itchy also! (also suffer from eczema and dry skin)

Just wanted to say try Aveeno (prescribed by doc for 5yo DS but can be bought in the shops (Asda etc) for around £8 I think?) a couple of applications (once in the morning once in the night) should really help with the itching! I haven't used it for a couple of days out of sheer laziness and cant half feel the difference! I feel like I have scales!

OhWhatAPalaver Wed 20-Jan-16 13:17:30

I feel your pain Apples, I didn't get any sleep at all Sunday night and stayed off work Monday, felt daft ringing in saying I can't come in because I've not slept at all! I'm thinking my restless legs is down to iron deficiency, just been put on tablets for it so really hoping it calms down soon. I get a weird pin prick / itchy sensation when I'm over tired that precedes my legs jerking around every 5 mins! So annoying!
I got about 3 hours sleep last night. Better than nothing I suppose...

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