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Feels like I have no room to eat!!

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Saphwoodman Mon 18-Jan-16 22:26:35

This is my second pregnancy. With first I could eat and eat until about 28 weeks ish and then I was getting fully fast but figured it was due to the size of the baby at that stage. Right now I'm 14 weeks and since week 9 I can't eat much at all and it's not due to sickness I just feel full after a few bites! I've actually lost weight. today I had a chicken mayo baguette at lunch time and a pickled egg with literally about 5 chips at 6pm and I am stuffed!!!

TiggeryBear Tue 19-Jan-16 13:50:05

I had the same. I'd eat in two meals as it were - eat half then potter about for a bit & try again. It was really frustrating but it seemed to help sometimes. I found eating a lot during the course of the day was easier than eating in the evening.

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