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chlamydia while pregnant

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Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:04:27

Not sure where to post this so hope anyone has advice..

7 weeks after birth of my second baby I was having bad pelvic pain and discharge that was different to the normal stuff. I put it down to post birth changes but the pain got so bad I went to get checked at the Drs, she examined me and took swabs for various things chlamydia being one of them. Had a nhs text come through that the doctor wanted to discuss the results so had a telephone appointment and she told me I tested positive for chlamydia.

I've been tested a few times when I've had new partners including my DP - (father of my two kids) and it's always came back negative and haven't slept with anyone else since meeting DP. So to get a positive result now was a shock and led to the confession of 'D'P that he had in fact cheated on me before the kids.. This means I've had chlamydia for 3.5-4 years.

Apart from being disgusted and angry with him and feeling gross in myself for having it for so long, so long that it made me quite ill I'm so worried it could've been passed on to the kids sad I've googled and it can be passed on through birth and cause things like conjunctivitis/pneumonia, neither kids have showed signs of this but my second is only 8 weeks old so early days and I'm scared he will get ill or they are both infected by it?!?

So question is, if anyone knows, would the kids definitely be infected by this? And if they have would they've showed signs already?

Going to sexual health clinic at some point (limited appointments at the mo) so will ask it just plays on my mind sad so embarrassed to be in this situation

AlwaysHopeful1 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:25:20

Please don't be embarrassed op, it's not your shame that he cheated. Has the doctor provided you with any treatment after the results? Have you discussed your concern with them over the baby?

Fifi10 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:36:33

Go back to your GP and discuss this with them if you can't get to the sexual health clinic soon.

And just a thought about your DP- If he gave you chlamydia then he needs treating too before he infects you/someone else again (unclear if you are still with him or not?)

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:49:21

Thank you alwayshopful

Yes I've had the 2 tablets as a one off dose that is the standard treatment then I'm on two different antibiotics for two weeks because the doctor said I was having discomfort when she examined me she thought it may have spread further..

I didn't ask the doctor over the phone about the children, was shocked to her the result so taken aback abit by it all. I'm planing on asking at sexual health clinic but appointment are limited at the mo confused

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 18:52:32

Still together at the mo fifi. He's making a doctors app, I'm going to get an appointment but my doctors is such a pain to be seen or even speak to someone! Going to sexual health clinic anyway as I want a full screening now. Just wanted to see if anyone new in the mean time to get a bit of peace of mind

Sunshine511 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:10:00

So sorry you're going through this! Sounds like an awful situation to be put in! I don't have any helpful information but just wanted to say, I hope you're okay. To find all of this out 2 months after giving birth must be very hard for you x

sepa Mon 18-Jan-16 19:10:53

Nothing that I can really say except please do not feel gross in yourself. You did nothing wrong and obviously in a long term relationship you shouldn't need to worry about STIs.
Ask your health visitor maybe when you see her if you can't get an appointment with GP. I'm sure they must have come across this before!

NoArmaniNoPunani Mon 18-Jan-16 19:13:24

I was tested for chlamydia in early pregnancy. Check with your GP as I thought this was routine. You might have only had it a few months rather than years.

PizzaConnoisseur Mon 18-Jan-16 19:14:48

I think he might be lying about exactly when he cheated on you. Chlamydia is often said to be symptomless, but I had it as a teen, and had very similar symptoms to the ones that you describe. That was after around 8-9 months of infection. I feel like you would 'know' if you had had it for 5+ years and there would have been other complications by that time.

Fifi10 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:16:19

Good point Armani I think they do this in the early round of blood tests. Also, I thought that one of the side effects of chlamydia was infertility which clearly hasn't been as issue for OP so maybe it hasn't been there for years.

Good luck with everything OP flowers

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:20:16

Noarmani, After googling today I thought this was routine too but wasn't offered the test in either pregnancy. I was tested a while (maybe 6 months) before getting pregnant with my first because I was having wee/bladder problems so they tested to rule out if chlamydia was the reason and that came back negative. So that was about 4 years ago, so could be any time since then but he's admitted to cheating at a time which fits in with the time scale, Pizza - I was wondering the same, hundreds of thoughts have been going around in my head. I thought it would be odd to all of a sudden get symptoms if I've had it between 3/4 years.?! Or can the symptoms just appear after having it so long??

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:22:07

And yes to the infertility point. The dr said on the phone she was concerned I was having pain during the examination which could mean it's spread further up and in some cases can lead to infertility or trouble with getting pregnant and pregnancy issues. I've had two kids in a close amount of time with no issues with pregnancies.. Maybe I need to re asses what he's saying

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 19:27:27

Thank you sepa and sunshine. I feel gross by it all and even more so for being pregnant while having it, having children with someone I thought I knew. I saw the health visitor after finding out but I chickened out and didn't ask any questions.

Will make a Drs appointment to ask about the kids and also if symptoms can just appear after years of having it and book in for full screening too.

sepa Mon 18-Jan-16 20:44:34

You have nothing to be ashamed of and I don't see that your health visitor would judge you because of it but if your more comfortable talking to your GP about it then that's what you should do.

I had chalmydia once and was with my BF for about 8 months before we found out. I had no symptoms what so ever and it was him that got symptoms. We don't know if it was from me or from him (both were cheated on in previous relationship) but either of us could have had it for minimum of a year before symptoms showed in BF.
Not sure this really helps, but just saying I suppose that you could have carried it for the 4 years without knowing.

Mummyagain15 Mon 18-Jan-16 20:55:06

Thank sepa. That puts my mind at ease thinking about symptoms, partner is adamant the only time was years ago before having children and considering what's happened I do believe him to some extent. I googled it and said symptoms can come and go..

Going to make a Drs appointment to ask all the questions I have. I haven't really got any one to talk to about it so has helped speaking on here

Thank you

Mummyagain15 Fri 22-Jan-16 15:35:07

Just updating
Saw another Dr today, she said the kids wouldn't have contracted anything from me because they are both well and healthy. And have no history of conjunctivitis etc which can be a sign. Thank god. Also looked back at my records and figured out when I was last tested when it was negative so have a time scale of when partner cheated which fits his story, dr said you can be infected with chlamydia for months/years and it not give you any symptoms then one day randomly start getting symptoms. So again fits the time line, doesn't mean he cheated recently for me to start getting problems now which despite being in this situation I do believe him. Call me crazy.

Thanks for everyone who posted, just wanted to update incase someone finds themselves asking the same question that I had, which I hope no one ever has to do sad

sepa Fri 22-Jan-16 15:41:20

Glad that the dr has confirmed your kiddies are ok & looks like your lucky to have had it for such a long time without fertility issues.

In a weird way (and maybe not helpful) it maybe better that you have only recently found out - had you have found out when OH cheated then you may not have gone on to have your kids!

Least now you can also concentrate on your kids (especially with a new baby) and focus on what your future looks like for you all flowers

Mummyagain15 Fri 22-Jan-16 20:16:30

Thanks sepa

Yeah if I had known I don't think I would've carried the relationship on and had kids..

Just want to focus and enjoy my children, now I know they're healthy and I've been treated I can start thinking about the future.

Still don't know what to do about it all but kids are my priority at the moment


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