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Anyone else having growth scans and result was just a blip?

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Mabel80 Mon 18-Jan-16 16:42:45

Hi all need to cut a long story short but basically I have had a dreadful two years with all sorts of problems including serious health issues, lots of loss and more recently the unexpected and sudden death of my mother who I adored. I am having regular growth scans due to having had a cancer diagnosis in 2014. Anyway last week I went and the baby had only put on two ounces. He was 4lb 11z at the 33 week scan, then at the 35 weeks scan he was said to be 4lb and 13 oz. I go back again on Thursday, they said if he hasn't put weight on then I have to have an induction. Could the scan be out? Has anyone had such a blip and the following week been okay?

Also I keep reading about the impact of maternal stress and anxiety and the risk s of ADHD, behavioural issues, heart disease in later life to name but a few are terrifying me. Anyone else had a really bad well horrific pregnancy and baby has been okay? I keep thinking if this growth thing has happened its just the start of a whole host of problems to come.

thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

TheCatsMeow Mon 18-Jan-16 16:47:15

I had a horrific pregnancy. I have hypermobility and my back fractured, I had threatened early labour from 30 weeks and had to have growth scans. Polyhydramnios was found and then my bump never grew past 30cm. He was back to back and wouldn't turn (my hips are out of line so he couldn't), I kept going into labour but wouldn't dialate and he got stuck and distressed. I had a section and he spent time in NICU because he wasn't breathing.

Happy to tell you both me and my son are now okay smile

Lots of women have stressful pregnancies and the most likely result is good

originalusernamefail Mon 18-Jan-16 16:59:42

Hi, DS2 was born 6 days ago now, I had HG and SPD up until delivery at 40+4. Bump at term only measured 34 weeks and I have had growth scans and dopplers for static growth in the preceding month. DS was born a very healthy 8lb 5oz and all seems to be going well for him so far.

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