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placenta previa

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Mummy2be1987 Sun 17-Jan-16 02:52:44

Can anyone help!

I have low lying placenta which is covering my cervix! Am 28+5 days. Had a massive bleed during the night on Sunday went into hospital and got out on Friday, lying in bed tonight with period like back pain. No more bleeding but not sure what to do. Call the hospital or leave it till the morning?

Out2pasture Sun 17-Jan-16 03:00:27

call please.

BugPlaster Sun 17-Jan-16 04:20:01

Have you called hospital? They can talk it through with you.
Hope you are ok.

Champagneformyrealfriends Sun 17-Jan-16 19:19:14

Have you called op? I have low lying but not quite covering placenta and I've been told that if I have any concerns I must call.

Mummy2be1987 Sun 17-Jan-16 21:34:23

Been told my back pain is probably to do baby growing, I've take some paracetamol, it's easing it then it comes back again. Just keeping a check of any signs of bleeding to. Got the hospital in the morning for bloods. Will speak to the midwife then and there. Thanks for ur comments

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