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fetal growth slowed down at 32 weeks - worried

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jusdepamplemousse Fri 15-Jan-16 13:49:09

Just wondering if anyone has any experience - hopefully happy. I had a growth scan yesterday which had been scheduled as a precaution as my womb is a slightly odd shape. I'm 32 weeks but the doctor said the baby is measuring about 2 weeks behind. In fact for a lot of the measurements she took even lower gestational ages were popping up on the screen - some as low as 27 weeks. I know ultrasounds are not perfect but it was still pretty scary. The two weeks behind measurement seemed to be the highest they could get and even it was 29 + 6 as opposed to truly 2 weeks behind (I'm 32 + 4).

As I'm feeling well, placenta looks good and baby is really active they have said they are happy to let things sit for another two weeks and re-scan then to see if things have picked up - in terms of growth not slowing any further. I'm keeping calm but think it's going to be a long two weeks. I understand the main risk to be that baby has stopped being able to thrive inside and will need to be delivered early as she may be 'better of out than in' in the doctor's words. She said they normally try to get to at least 37 weeks but it isn't always for the best. Has this happened to anyone and things have gone on to be grand? Has anyone had to have their baby delivered early in these circumstances? Really just looking for reassurance that even if things aren't great, all will be ok. Sorry if this is really long and thanks for any advice.

Whoknewitcouldbeso Fri 15-Jan-16 13:56:04

I had a similar conversation yesterday at 36 weeks. Baby has gone from measuring on the 90th centile to about the 20th. In my case it was because of a suddenly bad femur measurement which has brought everything else down. The abdominal and cranial measurements were on track.

I was also told that blood pressure and cord flow were good but my consultant has decided to rescan me on Tuesday to see if any of yesterday's measurements were off.

I can understand that they don't want to think about getting the baby out in your case as you're still quite early. As long as the placenta seems to be working as it should be and your baby is growing I suspect they will just keep monitoring you.

FeelToBeFree Fri 15-Jan-16 14:11:08

Yes, this happened to me with DC1. At 32 weeks growth seemed to have slowed, having been around 50th centile he dropped to below 10th I think. They rescanned at 34 weeks and he had caught up a bit, and by 36 weeks he was close to 50th centile and they stopped monitoring.

The consultant said that in this cases the baby often has a spurt just a little later than the chart expect.

Born at 41 weeks at 7 and a half pounds, and the placenta was totally normal. Now very healthy, totally average sized, two year old.

However those few weeks were agony - I blamed myself for being vegetarian, for being too active, anything and everything really. It was a horribly anxious time, so I really feel for you OP.

Also my sister had her baby by c section at 36 weeks and he was tiny (5 lbs), now a very tall (90th centile) and extremely handsome three year old.

jusdepamplemousse Fri 15-Jan-16 15:27:38

Thanks for replies. Hopefully everything picks up as it did for you FeelToBe and she can just stay put. It just sort of knocked me for six how quickly we were talking about maybe taking her out early - seemed a bit surreal. And as with everything about pregnancy the not being able to do anything to help or affect things is just so stressful!

WhoKnew - I hope all goes well for you over the weekend and on Tuesday. FWIW the doctor I saw said abdominal is the only measure they get concerned about so hopefully that is a good sign and your consultant is just being extra diligent (a good thing in and of itself!).

BeautifulLiar Fri 15-Jan-16 20:40:30


I'm 32 weeks and from 28 weeks I've had a gritty placenta, raised pressure in the blood flow through the cord and a small for dates baby. They gave me steroids and there was talk of maybe having to get the baby out but it never happened and now, weirdly, the blood flow has started to appear normal and the baby has managed to grow!

As the placenta is mature I'll be induced on my due date, unless anything goes wrong again (next scan at 34 weeks) and then it may be earlier) x

Solan Sat 16-Jan-16 09:25:40

My youngest was born on her due date a healthy 7lb 6 oz. But in the antenatal checks in the last couple of months I was told she was too small, measuring wrong, going to come was constant freak outs. I think it was one particular midwife who always had something negative to say. Just relax and focus on a healthy bouncy baby. Xx

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