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Blood pressure occasionally high, sometimes 'ok'

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Juniper4004 Fri 15-Jan-16 13:00:26

I'm 38 weeks' pregnant and saw my GP on Monday for my antenatal check (it's the only GP one I have).

She did my blood pressure and it was 147/83. Normally, I have lowish blood pressure and, throughout this pregnancy, it's been about 100/60 - 110/70. She arranged for me to be retested by the nurse on Wednesday, but I decided to call the Day Assessment Unit in the maternity unit, who asked me to come in and have 3 x blood pressure checks, ten minutes apart. These were all high (about 130/80) but not like Monday's. No protein in urine either time.

Since then, I've been checking my blood pressure at home. Most of the time, it's been about 135/85. I've had the occasional reading of about 120/80, but just now I did it and it was 145/93 with my pulse at 102bpm.

I know that high blood pressure counts as 140/90, so do I need to talk to them again about it, even though that is a one off reading? I'm inclined to watch and wait, but a large part of that comes down to the pain of having to find childcare for my toddler if I have to go in...

JaniceJoplin Fri 15-Jan-16 13:22:19

What advice did they give you at the Day Assessment ? Did they give you a monitor and tell you to do more readings at home ? Protein sticks ? It is normal for BP to vary throughout the day but I think consistent readings of over 140/90 would be a concern, although you do not quite have that yet it seems.

You are clearly worried though and I think I would listen to that instinct. When did they tell you to come in again ?

I wouldn't worry about bringing toddlers in there are always loads at the BP clinic at our hospital !

lilac3033 Fri 15-Jan-16 14:39:08

I wouldn't worry about a one off 140/90. Mine was always hovering around there and I think that it might have been stress about your BP bumping it over. I always took my BP first thing in the morning, before I had time to start to stress or have caffeine. As long as there was no protein and it doesn't increase and sustain, I wouldn't worry!

Juniper4004 Fri 15-Jan-16 15:33:47

Day Assessment want me to go in for the same 3x blood pressure checks each week, but they weren't overly concerned as I don't have any other symptoms of pre-eclampsia. I had one, very short, bout of shimmery things in my vision last night but it was gone nearly as quickly as it came.

I would be more blasé about it but it's a Friday afternoon and they're a Monday- Friday 9-5 unit. If I have to go in outside of 'office hours' then it's a much longer wait in triage.

DP has managed to get hold of some uralysis sticks so I'll do some poas when he gets home.

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