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Pregnancy online cardio workout suggestions?

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Pagetta Thu 14-Jan-16 17:14:41

I have been running and at the gym throughout this pregnancy but the last week i've had sinusitis so have largely sat on the sofa with hot lemon feeling sorry for myself.

I'm now feeling better and have got itchy feet and am desperate to get out and do something but hubby is away with work until Sunday. Days are ruled out as I work (and i am a nightmare for falling over whilst running so hubby made me promise i wouldn't go outside while its icey!), and nights are out as I already have a 3 yr old!

Pre-pregnancy i'd do the insanity workout at home when this happened - but i'm not sure Sean T is pregnancy friendly! Does anyone know of any good YouTubers or similar with good pregnancy cardio?

I'm 18 weeks.

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