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Are these positive???

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Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 16:49:51

Hi so I need to double check these are positive lines? They came up around 5-10 mins and not straight away. But my latest one says negative. Help

VocationalGoat Thu 14-Jan-16 16:52:43

Yes. Unless it's Sainsbury's or Tesco.
What brand?
Blue dye is notorious for false positives. You want pink dye .
Yes, they are positive, but if it's a supermarket brand, they could be evaporation lines.

VocationalGoat Thu 14-Jan-16 16:53:31

5-10 minutes... I'm thinking evaporation lines but are you due on yet?

Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 16:54:30

They are sainsburys but I was told evaporation lines come up some time after and aren't blue more of a really light Grey

FaithAscending Thu 14-Jan-16 16:55:11

I had false positives with this type of test. They were more grey than blue though. I would try a Superdrug or First response personally.

Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 16:55:27

I kinda missed my period over Xmas just had a browny discharge for around 2 hours. Not a full period. I don't feel to good either

VocationalGoat Thu 14-Jan-16 16:59:06

Sainsbury's is dreadful for false positives. Get a First Response. Waste no time. It's the test that leaves no doubt. flowers

VocationalGoat Thu 14-Jan-16 17:03:24

5-10 minutes is a long wait. If you missed your period at Christmas due to pregnancy, the positive would come up incredibly quickly by now. There are women who test negative and have to have a blood test to give them a definitive answer. That's unusual though. Under normal circumstances, you'd have had a BFP with your non-Sainsbury's one.

It's worth getting that First Response, just to be sure. Good luck!

Artioo2 Thu 14-Jan-16 17:05:49

They look clearly positive to me and 5 minutes sounds within the time frame (what do the instructions say?) If the lines are blue then they are positives, not evaporation lines. Even with cheap tests the pregnancy hormone has to be present to turn the line blue.

Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 17:33:22

Instructions say ignore anything after 12 minutes I'm sure. The most recent was digital and it said not pregnant. I am having really bad heartburn and my tummy is super firm. I feel sick but it's not constant. I'm confused. A nurse said my hormone might not be as strong but is that common?

5minutestobed Thu 14-Jan-16 17:35:39

My friend recently had a false positive on one of these and ai have had one before as well. Can you get a pink dye test? Are the lines quite thin? It is hard to tell on the pic.

Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 17:37:22

They are thin but very blue.

LouLou030783 Thu 14-Jan-16 18:03:26

I'd try another test one from tesco or something the digital are notorious for negative results aswell, if u open the digi one up tho u can see the lines xx

Fifi10 Thu 14-Jan-16 19:50:55

I have used sainsburys ones in the past and they are a pain in the butt!

FWIW my positive ones came out the opposite to yours, in that I had really dark vertical lines which drew all of the ink from the horizontal lines. I'd retest in a couple of days with a different brand.

LBOCS2 Thu 14-Jan-16 19:53:35

Digital ones are the least sensitive so you'd get a positive last on that.

Try a cheapy one from the pound shop, or a First Response.

YouBastardSockBalls Thu 14-Jan-16 19:54:28

Hmmm. They def look positive, but I agree that you should try a pink dye.

The likelihood is that you ARE pregnant, as digitalis are not very sensitive, and often the last the to positive party...!

Kissedbubble93 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:19:27

Thank you everyone. I have all the symptoms so booked in for a scam to be sure

Paddletonio Thu 14-Jan-16 20:26:16

Why would you not just do a first response rather than booking in for scan


LouLou030783 Thu 14-Jan-16 20:37:44

Yeah I'd be doing a better pregnancy test before going for a scan

Mslg Thu 14-Jan-16 20:40:26

why would you book a scan without taking a decent pregnancy test first? confused

CultureSucksDownWords Thu 14-Jan-16 20:41:16

Is a scan even going to be able to see anything as you'd surely be only a few weeks pregnant? It would be significantly cheaper to buy a better test, and test again.

Fugghetaboutit Thu 14-Jan-16 20:43:29

My positive blue dye is sleeping next to me now smile I didn't know they were less reliable

BatMobile Thu 14-Jan-16 20:46:39

Get a first response. Why have you booked a scan?

Thenightswatch Thu 14-Jan-16 20:46:54

Booking in for a scan seems a bit ridiculous if you're not even sure you're pregnant confused buying a better test then book with a midwife seems like the more sensible thing to do.

Scoopmuckdizzy Thu 14-Jan-16 20:47:40

Just do a different test!

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